“I read everything I could get my hands on about connecting with the Other Side…”

Hi there Anthony,

I heard you at PRF [Paranormal Research Forum} last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Confirmed many thing[s] for me: When I was 27, my brother of 29 yrs. ( my mentor, my spiritual director, and friend) died of testicular cancer which had metastasized to his brain and lung; it was grueling to witness, as I loved him so. As we always communicated, I was a bit confused as during 2 weeks before his death he spoke very little…  I now understand that he was going through a very personal process of closure.

After he died, I knew he would continue to guide me. I read everything I could get my hands on about connecting with the Other Side; at that time, there was little. I decided I would commit myself to a ritual that would put me a deep, relaxed state (delta state) that might facilitate a connection. Everyday, after teaching 5 yr olds, I would come home, set a fire in the fireplace, lie down on the couch and breathe slowly, naturally, imagining my body rhythmically moving as the breath breathed me. Sometimes I would fall asleep; and others times, I would just be in a delicious state of relaxation.

This went on every day for 30 days. On a 31 st day I had experienced a very deeply peaceful and centered day at school. By now, the intention I had to connect with my brother was eclipsed by an attraction to the sweet relaxing experience. Without expectations, I began the ritual. Somewhere between an outbreath and an in breath. I moved into a deep altered state. I heard a roar as if a train was moving through my living room. It was followed by this piercing silence. I remember feeling YES….in my body/mind. Suddenly with eyes closed, I felt a warm, wet lick on my cheek. I recognized the energy of my doggy of long ago and standing alongside of him was my brother. I felt him as an iridescent glow…and felt a love of which I had never experienced.

Telepathically he said, “It [is] all absolutely perfect.” I did not doubt his words although they were contrary to everything I had ever been taught. Love filled my being. Suddenly, it was if I was experiencing some kind of tunnel vision at which point fear arose, and I returned to my waking state.

My life was never the same after that visitation. Immediately after, I experienced a conceptual crisis of sorts as I had no where to put this vision of a transcendent reality of perfection. There was no one I could share this with. As a Catholic, I was taught that suffering was a Mystery as it was somehow God’s will which was to be accepted even if not understood. I knew it was indeed a plan – a most perfect plan, understood not by an ego state of mind but rather by a transcendent state that compassionately knows that everything comes in the service of WHOLENESS.

To hear you last night confirm that not so popular fact was deeply comforting. Your simple, kind, direct, child-like, authentic manner made the delivery of this message profoundly touching. I am deeply grateful to you, my friend, for your courageous and passionate TRUTH TELLING!

Grateful, Phyllis