“I love who you are!”

I put up a blog post, “God’s, and the soul’s love for us, is unconditional.” Here is Kaitlin’s mother’s response.

This reading was amazing. It was very powerful for me – has helped me let go of years of guilt in just one hour.

I learned many things.

My favorite parts – her messages to her aunt and her older sister and her talk with me… And of course her affirmation of her younger sister – the brother who wasn’t a brother – that was a special gift. Yes my youngest daughter is transgender and she told us who she was at a very young age though at first her dad and I didn’t believe it.

The message, “I love who you are” is powerful especially since there are so many people on Earth who do not understand that being transgender is not “wrong” and that God accepts them as they are and we should all do the same.

I have amazing kids….two with me on Earth — and another watching from above.

Thank you Anthony! Also, I started reading you book…I love it!