“I lost my 17 yr old daughter to suicide.”

After her passing, I learned of some struggles she was dealing with but didn’t tell me. This was devastating because she needed help and her best friends judged her instead of helping. I felt close to her and shocked when I found out.

My question is, are they at peace when they pass? 

Do they see the pain it has caused? 

Do they have regret or do they still feel like it was the right choice for them most of the time?

Do they continue to work through what was hurting them so bad or are they at peace?

I’m sorry… lots of questions. She was smart. beautiful, funny, and well liked. It’s just hard to understand.


Dear Amber,

Your questions are the same questions so many people have when they lose someone this way.

When someone crosses over from this life to the next, they often talk about not realizing what’s happened until they see their loved ones who have passed away before them. When they understand what’s happened, they enter into the presence of the Eternal Light of Love who accompanies them through their “life review” and supported as they go through it by the love and understanding of the Divine Presence. Those who cross themselves over, however, describe a different experience.

Those who cross themselves over, however, describe a different experience.

They talk about being alone in a place that is peaceful, quiet, and where they are given time as they need to recover from the pain and anguish that caused them to do what they did. Their only companionship during this time are animals which keep them company with their unconditional love. I want to stress that this is not a place of darkness and torment as so many people believe, but a place to heal.

When they are ready, and only then, do they see other souls whose responsibility it is to help them understand what they did. Eventually, they come to a point in their healing that they reunite with their loved ones who have gone before them without feelings of shame or remorse over what they’ve done.

When they do, they see that there were other options that were available if they would have had the strength to hang in there, but they are not judged by the Beautiful One for doing what they did. In fact, they say that the opposite is true; they feel even more loved because of what they went through but weren’t able to endure any longer.

Because of the time they are given to heal, and the love they feel from Christ, by the time they choose to come through during a reading, I’ve never heard a soul express regret because of what they did. At the same time, I’ve never heard a soul encourage their loved ones still here to do the same. Why? Because they have to come terms with what their early exit means in terms of their spiritual growth when they go through their life review. They see the lessons that they would learn from going through what they went through, lessons that they must now learn on the Other Side.

They are aware of the pain that their passing caused, and say that part of their journey in the hereafter is to try to help those they left through the grief that they feel.


Note – I want to thank Amber for agreeing to write her story about her daughter’s life and the circumstances that led to her choosing to cross herself over for my book about suicide and what those in the hereafter say about it, coming out later this year.