“I hurt him… more than I knew.”

Hello Anthony,

Long story short, I’ve lived a tragic story. Most recently, my boyfriend….who I just broke up with, not only committed suicide but took his young daughter’s life as well. Right now, I am dealing with guilt. He tried, reaching out to me and I didn’t have it in me to respond back. Perhaps you could help me find a way to say sorry….

I didn’t break up with him because I didn’t love him….I did, very much so. We were connected on a different level. I broke up with him because I had my own things I needed to work on before we could be anything. I just wanted to be able to give him my all. In doing so, I hurt him….more than I knew.

As I am writing this, this is all very fresh. It’s on the news….it’s only been 4 days.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I only wish I had the capability of what you do. A definite gift.

(Name withheld to protect privacy)
First of all, I want to offer you my condolences and prayers.

The souls often refer to suicide as “self-murder.” While that sounds harsh, their point to those who remain behind is that they’re not to blame.

Having said that, they also say that those who cross themselves over aren’t held responsible because depression is to the soul what cancer is to the body.

Souls don’t come to me without good reason, such as someone here needing to hear from them. Having said that, without hearing from your friend, I can only guess that his pain was so great that he thought he was sparing his daughter from the same heartache he was feeling.

Several years ago, I did a reading for a mother and daughter (which I wrote about in my book, “We Are Never Alone). Their son, and brother, came through and during the course of the session I found out that he took the life of his girlfriend and two daughters, before taking his own life. I thought to myself, “If anyone deserves to be in hell, it’s this guy.”

If you’ve read my books, you know that the souls there’s no such thing as “hell.” Still, to be honest, I was stunned to be told to tell them that all of them were together on the Other Side! That’s the beauty of the afterlife.

Those who take their own lives, and those whose lives were taken by another, are held close by the Eternal Light of Love.

Based on all of the readings I’ve done during which someone who crossed themselves over, or whose life was taken by another, I can tell you have nothing to feel guilty about. They would want you to know that they are okay, and are working hard where they are to help you be okay.

They’d want you to continue to take care of yourself and know that when your time comes you will see them again in a place of light, love, and peace.

I will remember you, and them, in my daily prayers,