"I have a question for you."

“I have a question for you.”

I have a question for you. Have the souls ever told you when one of their loved ones pass, is it them that meets us and helps with the transition ?
Sandra Hall
You’ll be happy to hear that according to the souls, no one ever dies alone.
Anyone who works with the dying will tell you that it’s not uncommon to hear people talk about “death bed visions” before they pass. They’ll mention seeing their loved ones coming to visit them and assure them that what is waiting for them is beyond their wildest dreams.
My father had one the day before he crossed over. “I’ve been there before, baby. I don’t know when, and I don’t know how, but I’ve been there before,” he told my sister, Nadine, when she asked him what he was seeing.
Finally, I’ve heard in countless number of sessions that the most surprising thing to those who have crossed over is that they died to begin with. Seeing their loved ones who have gone before them welcoming them back home is often their first clue.
So rest assured, when it’s your time, you will see everyone you loved, and who loved you, on the Other Side.
I feel your peace,


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