“I can move on with my life again. It’s what my mom would want.”

Hi Anthony!

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for connecting me with my mother today… after we had got off the phone I had so much to think about. I took care of her the last several years of her life, had to basically walk away from my career to tend to her needs … accepting I would never become the director of computer support at Microsoft, and just remain Anne’s daughter … so mind boggling to me as I feel as soon as I accepted that, she died and went on to her destiny ….

She went through so much here just to sustain, so I am grateful that she no longer has to suffer, for selfish reasons what I wouldn’t do to have her back suffering and all. In one way I feel as if she left me behind, but after today I realize she did, but not in a negative way … and now that I know she is moving on, and that’s good!

I see after our session, that it is time for me to start moving on to, and that it’s OK …  she’s OK. Now I have to be.

Thank you again, and again, Anthony…. maybe I will go for that directors position again, now that I have leveled up from having to just be Anne’s daughter…. or maybe something else, who knows… but the point is she’s OK, I can start moving now.


Lisa Belmont


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