How to wake up from a recurring nightmare!

How to wake up from a recurring nightmare!

Just got done listening to the 6/27 radio show; it was really good.

For a long time I had been afraid that my father, whom I considered to have been an evil man, was going to be waiting for me on the other side when I crossed over because I had told different people about what he had done to me as a child. I figured that all the rage he had would strike me again because he would be angry with me for telling his secrets.

I think having read your book and now just listening to you talk about how souls leave behind their rage if they do cross, I can start to understand that its possible that he will be a different soul when we meet again. I’d like to believe it can happen.



Dear Debi,
First of all, I want to commend you for the courage it took to write to me.

Secondly, I’m happy that what you heard on my show, gave you the hope you now have.

Finally, I want to assure you that when your father did his life review, he gave up all of the “rage” he carried while he was here. So why would he do that?

Because he experienced the unconditional acceptance of the Eternal Light of Love, or “God,” if you prefer. During his life review he saw himself, and you, and God sees him, and you – PERFECT … wanting only to be loved. He also saw the damage he caused by his behavior, not only to you and others, but to himself as well.

Now, I’d like to use a crude analogy to explain what happened after his life review.

I’d like you to imagine that you’re sitting at home, enjoying your day, when you’re startled by a baseball comes crashing through one of your windows. A few moments later, there’s a knock on your door. You open it and a young boy explains to you that the baseball is his. He and his buddies were playing and he accidentally hit the ball through your window. He tells you how sorry he is, and asks if he can have his baseball back.

You, being the understanding soul that you are, realize that it was a mistake and give the ball back.

He smiles, says thanks, and turns to run back to his friends. “Hey!” you say to him. “Who’s going to pay for my window?”

You may be angry from thinking that your father got away with what he did. He didn’t. Abusing a child is a serious offense in the eyes of God, and no one gets away with breaking God’s law. When your father completed his life review, he not only saw what he did to you, but he experienced your pain first hand; and he realized that he had to repair the damage he caused.

Right now, rather than seething with rage on the Other Side, your father is trying to repair his relationship with you. It’s part of his journey now.

Your task is to forgive him for what he did to you.

How do you do that?

Well, it seems to me that you might be getting a great deal of mileage from telling his “secrets.” The problem is, instead of helping you feel better, I’m thinking that it’s probably keeping you stuck in a recurring bad dream!

It’s been my experience that people think if they forgive someone it means they’re endorsing the behavior and the harm it caused.

The truth is that by forgiving your father, you’re not doing this for him, but for you. He’s already been forgiven. Not only that, he’s forgiven himself.

When you forgive your father you stop the aftereffects of your father’s rage on your life. It also says that you’re no longer willing to carry the burden of your past, and your own anger about what happened.

Doing that will allow you to wake up from the nightmare that you’ve been living thinking that your father is waiting to unleash his fury on you when you see him again on the Other Side, when the anger you fear is your own, in this life.

I feel your peace,


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