"How old do we look on the Other Side?"

“How old do we look on the Other Side?”

If a child does NOT age on “The Other Side,” does a 63 yr old adult revert to the best age/time of their earthly life, say 36 yrs old for example?


Jews are waiting for the Messiah, Christians believe the Messiah arrived more than 2,000 years ago, and Albert Einstein proved that time doesn’t exist.

Age, and time, are inventions created by man to bring order to our lives. Having said that it’s safe to say that neither exist on the Other Side which is ordered by the love of the Eternal Light.

When I started doing the work, I used to see souls and to me they looked like a holograph. These days I don’t see them as much as I “feel” them, and their messages. They’ve told me that their primary means of communication on the Other Side is through feelings and emotions.

So does that mean that you won’t see your loved ones when it’s your time to return home? Not at all. You will be see them and you’ll be amazed at their beauty. How you see them is up to them, but it won’t be determined by age, or the time of their life when there were here on earth. How they look will show their love for you, and their joy at seeing you by their side again.