How long have you known you can do this?

The first time I passed a message on from someone who had passed away to someone who was alive was back in 1986. I’m often asked if that’s the first time I realized that I was a medium. The answer is “no.” At the time I didn’t know what a medium was, and to be honest, I didn’t care.

There were other incidents after that, such as the time I had a job selling home alarm systems and I walked into a woman’s home. In the middle of my presentation I literally started weeping and had no idea why. “Who died?” I asked her. She looked at me as though I’d lost my mind, so I asked her again, “Who died? In this home? Who died?

After a few minutes of the two of us looking at one another, I said, “It was your husband. He died about 30 days ago. He was murdered wasn’t he? Anyway, he wants you to know ….” She asked me to leave her home after that.

Even though other incidents such as these kept happening to me, I didn’t pay much attention to them, until my friend Sarah passed away in a freak car accident. While I was on my way to her memorial service she came to me and asked me to tell her family “that I’m okay.”

At the memorial service I told several friends what happened. No one seemed shocked. One friend,  Cheryl, went so far as to ask me, “That’s your thing isn’t it? Talking to dead people?”

It was that question that starteed me on a journey in which I discovered what many of my friends seemed to already know – that I have the ability to act as a bridge between the living and those who have crossed over to the “Other Side,”and that I’d been doing it for years. I was just in denial.




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