How I discern souls who don't speak a word of English.

How I discern souls who don’t speak a word of English.

For the second time this week I did a session in which the soul coming through didn’t speak a word of English. Not one word.

So how do they communicate what they want their loved ones to hear through me?

With a lot of images and symbols. For example the woman who I was doing the reading for, I’ll call her Isabella, was hoping to hear from her mother. Isabella now lives in here in the United State, and for a month every year, Isabella’s mother would come to visit her.

“Your mother is showing me birds. They look like pigeons to me.”

“My mother loved to feed the pigeons when she visited me.” Isabella laughed.

“Your mother is bringing me to the East Coast, and I’m seeing what looks like a New York borough. Do you live by a baseball diamond, or stadium?” I asked. “She’s showing me a baseball field.”

“Yes,” Isabella said. “I live very close to the Mets stadium.”

I don’t know much about baseball beyond the Colorado Rockies, but her mother was letting me know that her Isabella lived in Queens, New York.

That’s how it went throughout the entire reading. Towards the end I asked her how she found out about me. I wondered why she didn’t find to a medium who spoke Spanish.

She told me that a friend of hers suggested that she talked to a psychic medium, such as Lisa Williams. Isabella said that she told her friend that she didn’t think that she’d be able to get an appointment with Williams, so she decided to do a search on the internet.

She found my website, and when she saw my picture, she was struck by how much I looked like her relatives back in Columbia. “I asked my mother to help me find someone with a big heart, a good heart, and when I saw your picture, I knew you had a good heart.

Then I tried to close your web page and I couldn’t! My computer wouldn’t let me close your page! When my son came home from work, I told him, ‘Look at this! I can’t turn the page off!'”

Her son asked, “Are you going to call him?”

“Yes,” she said, “I think it’s what your grandmother wants.”

With that, she was able to close my website page.

I was going to write a “the moral of the story is this …,” with regards to finding a medium, but everything I’ve written so far, I’ve been instructed to delete. I guess as far as the souls are concerned, I’ve written enough; and you already understand the lesson they want you to learn.


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Marc B