"How does the Eternal Light of Love and the souls see us from the Other Side?"

“How does the Eternal Light of Love and the souls see us from the Other Side?”

Are we perfect on the Other Side in Eternal Love and how does each soul see us?


I received my certification in Spiritual Direction (Spiritual Coaching) back in 1999. When I hung up my shingle, and was nervously waiting for my first client to arrive, I heard a familiar voice in my head. “I want you to see this person the same way I see all of my children.”

“How do you see us?” I asked.


We are perfect on the Other Side, and we are perfect here. How is that possible? Because we are not humans with a soul, we are souls that have taken on the role of being human to learn lessons in love. We come here to earn the right to experience more deeply the Eternal Light of Love when we return home.

The souls see us the same way that the Eternal Light of Love sees us. Except they would say, “Capable.” In other words, they see us with us with the hindsight that comes from having lived life in this “vale of tears.” They know that what they went through was not only necessary for their spiritual growth, but what happens to us is necessary for ours as well.

That’s why they cannot interfere with our lives here. They can guide us along our journey, but they wouldn’t think of taking anything away from us, no matter how painful. They can only watch, and counsel us that in the end, we’ll give thanks for all of it. They also tell us that no matter how hard things are, you can get through it, and when you do, you’ll be better off for it.

As one soul told me when I was complaining about what was happening in my life, “We cannot interfere; not even God can. It would take away from the lessons you’re here to learn. But we can reassure you that in the end, there’s Heaven!’