"How does suicide affect our life's plan?"

“How does suicide affect our life’s plan?”

Anthony, what happens to the charts of those around the person who commits suicide?

Cindy Gillenwater


Hi Cindy, thanks for the question! I’ve spent a great deal of time deciding how I wanted to answer your question, because it’s more complex than it appears. What you’re asking is whether or not the “chart” you wrote before coming into this life is altered if someone you love takes their own life.

I asked the souls this question, and the answer I received was a resounding, “No.” Without going into whether or not we actually do write a chart outlining our lives before we come here, I just want to tell you that the souls say that you are to continue doing the best you can learning the lessons you’re supposed to learn. The lesson is love.

One way this can be done, is to reach out to others whose loved ones took their own lives. You’re not necessarily doing this for them, but for yourself. How did they move through their grief, and deal with their guilt? Learn from what they have to say.When you’re strong enough, then you can be there for someone else. In that way, you could say that your chart has been altered, as it’s something you probably would not have done if it weren’t for the tragedy.



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