"How do you know for sure it’s 'good souls' you're talking to?"

“How do you know for sure it’s ‘good souls’ you’re talking to?”

How do we know for sure it’s “good souls?” What if it’s indeed bad & it’s playing tricks on us?
Sorry for silly question but often wonder.



I’ll admit, when I started doing the work, I often wondered the same thing. I’ve done this work for a several years now, and in the countless number of sessions I’ve done, I’ve never heard anything close to being malicious being said by a soul to their loved ones here. I will say though, that I’ve heard from other people who have been to so-called mediums, that they have. Whenever I hear this though, I think it’s a result of their (the “medium’s) own personal beliefs, or misunderstandings, and not anything they’ve heard from the souls on the Other Side.

Personally speaking, I’m not a “new ager,” I didn’t attend development circles, and many of the beliefs I had when I started doing this I’ve since let go of… sometimes grudgingly so. My training has been “on the job” after being thrust into it by the Eternal Light of Love, and the souls. I didn’t choose to do this work, it chose me. I’m still learning, and what the souls are teaching me, by communicating with their loved ones still here, I’m passing on to whomever is willing to listen. What they talk about is the unconditional love of God, forgiveness, hope, and that one day we’ll all be together again in a place in which love is the standard, and the rule, by which all who are there live.  Hardly what I would think I’d be hearing about if they were “dark,” or “evil.”

Whenever I do a reading, I only invite souls that are “in the light of God,” to come through during a reading. In other words, I’m only bring through souls in the higher levels of enlightenment, who are closer to the Eternal Light of Love.

Plus, I don’t think that the souls in lower levels have any interest in speaking to me to begin with. They’re too “immature” spiritually to want to reach out to those who are still here.

The other way that I know that they are “good souls” is because of the messages that come through. They’re meant to reassure and comfort their loved ones still here and to let them know that death is an illusion. They are happy, very much alive and in a place of peace an bliss with the Eternal Light of Love. They speak of the joy that awaits us when it’s our time to return home and be reunited with them.

Again, that hardly sounds, to me at least, like someone “evil” who is trying to deceive us. I would think that they are trying to make us unhappy, or depressed. As I said before, I have heard of people who have walked away from readings unhappy and depressed, but that’s because of, in my opinion, the deluded beliefs of the “medium,” and not anything the souls would honestly say to their loved ones.

How do I know that it’s not my own beliefs that are deluded? Because I used to think some of the same things I’ve heard said. Thankfully, the souls gently, and patiently, would not allow me to say things that weren’t correct during readings I was doing, literally. I would open my mouth to interject something that I believed, and that might have unwittingly hurt the person I was talking to, and nothing would come out.

Finally, I’ve been told by the souls that there aren’t any “bad” souls on the Other Side. Are there souls who have committed evil acts while they were here? Absolutely, there are. But after going through their life review, they see not only what they did, why they did it, the havoc their acts created, and what they need to do to repair the damage, if that’s what they choose to do.