"How do the souls see us?"

“How do the souls see us?”

Speaking of our loved ones being able to see us… I read something today that kind of confused me. Another author claimed our loved ones don’t “see” us in our human form but in a haze, or as auras of light. Like I said, confusing.


Jan, since I haven’t read the book you’re referring to I don’t know why the author is saying that. I can say that when I started investigating hauntings and such, I visited an apartment building that the tenants were saying was active. The building had storage and a laundry room in the basement, that I was told was so active, the tenants refused to do their laundry there.

I went down into the basement with a couple of my team members at the time, and I stepped into a “vortex.” I can’t put into words what it felt like but I will tell you that when I looked at the two people with me they did seem to be hazy. In fact, the entire room looked like I was looking through glass smeared with a Vaseline film. That may be what this author is referring to, but I believe I saw things the way those who haven’t crossed over see us.

When I’m doing a session, the souls talk about seeing their loved ones very clearly. They also say that they are closer to us in a way that was impossible when they were still here.


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