“Hits” & “Misses”

When I was around 11 years old I used to play a game called “Battleship.” The way the game  is played is you and your opponent would place little ships around a board which had letters and numbers. Then you would each take turns calling out coordinates like “E4!” If your opponent, or you, had a ship on that space, you would say, “Hit!”. If not, you’d let the other player know by saying, “Miss!”. When one of you hit your opponents Battleship enough times to sink it, the game was over. It occurred to me recently that doing a medium session can be like playing a game of “Battleship,” at times. If I get something “right,” it’s referred too as a hit. If I get it “wrong,” it’s considered a “miss.” And sessions are typically judged by how many “hits” I get, as opposed to “misses” as to whether or not I’m “real.” Of course, as far as cynics are concerned, any “hit” is a “lucky guess.” I believe that during a session the messages coming to me from the souls are perfectly communicated. The problem, however, is that when it comes to delivering them, what they want you to hear has to pass through the obstacle course that is my brain. Knowing this, I’ve never claimed to be 100% correct when it comes to understanding what the souls are saying during a session. Heck, I have a hard enough time trying to understand what the living are saying to me sometimes. That’s why I, and most mediums I know ask you to keep your responses to “yes,” or “no,” during a session. “Yes” simply means you understand what you’re hearing, and “no” means you don’t. The fact that you understand doesn’t mean it’s a “hit” on my part, any more that not understanding what’s being said is a “miss.” If I say something to you that you don’t understand, it’s been my experience that one of three things may be what’s going on.

  1. I’m misunderstanding or misinterpreting what I’m hearing, seeing or feeling what the soul(s) is trying to communicate. I’m okay with that. My ego isn’t on the line because I’m not trying to prove anything. If I’m told something doesn’t make sense, I’ll ask the soul to repeat themselves.
  2. The information is correct, but the person receiving it doesn’t understand it. It’s referred to as “psychic amnesia.” I cannot tell you how many times this happens during a session. I received a text message from a woman a day after her reading telling me that she talked to her sister about her session and that was when she remembered that her father was shot during a bank robbery he committed in his 20s. Now, I don’t know about you, but I would think that I’d remember something like that! But I’ve seen people, during sessions, forget the names of their spouse,children, mothers, fathers, siblings, etc.
  3. The information isn’t for you, but someone you know.  Sometimes a soul will see a session as an opportunity to relay messages to their loved one through you. In other words, it’s your opportunity to be a medium. I remember one young woman I was doing a reading for in which a man came through whom she identified as the father of her best friend. Some of the messages that came through didn’t make any sense to her, but she wrote them down anyway. Since her best friend’s father was named she told her about the session. She wrote me later to tell me that what didn’t make sense to her, made complete sense to her friend.

Of course, there are those sitters whose aim is to see if I can give evidence that will “sink their battleship,” wanting me to say something that will prove to them beyond a shadow of a doubt that their loved ones still live on. The truth is that I can’t convince anyone of anything, and according to the souls, that’s not my job. I’m simply supposed to relay the messages I’m receiving. Anyone can read a new age philosophy book and tell you things like, “Your loved one wants you to know that they’re happy, and okay.” That’s why you want a medium to give you “evidence” that’s meaningful to you. But getting caught up in “hits” and “misses” may cause you to lose sight of the purpose of a medium reading to begin with, which is to give you the hope, and possibly even the assurance, that one day you will see those you love who have gone on before you.  If you liked this, you’ll love my book, “Communications from the Other Side: Death is not the End of Life, Love, or Relationships.”  

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