He’s walking around in perpetual sadness?

Book-CoverI work with a friend that communicates with departed souls. Her best friend’s deceased grandfather came through while she was driving and told her that his granddaughter (my coworker’s friend) was pregnant and it came to pass as being true. A coworker of ours son took his own life and came through to her and she described him as drudging around in perpetual sadness. This does not sound like it resonates with what you mentioned regarding the topic of suicide. Also, do souls come through to help and guide you during times when answering email questions or are your answers based on what you can recall from past reading experiences?


Hi Mike,

I call myself a psychic medium because that’s how I receive my messages. But the truth is that there is a huge difference between a psychic and a medium. Psychics, depending on their particular ability, are able to “sense” information, including upcoming births, and how someone has passed.

As a medium, I cannot pass information along I do not hear from someone on the Other Side. In all the years I’ve done this (long before it was in vogue to call oneself a “medium”) I’ve never heard anyone who has taken their own life announce themselves as trudging around in perpetual sadness. I have heard souls say that they have “healing” to do, but they still talk about doing it in a place of peace, love and serenity. They talk about “levels” of enlightenment… which show the lessons they’ve learned, haven’t learned and need to learn, as well. They’ve never talked about walking around in a state of perpetual drudgery, at least not to me.

Just a few weeks ago I met with a mother and daughter. Their husband and father came through. Throughout the session as he related memories, they both laughed and cried, as he kept reassuring them he was with God, and that he was happy. He talked about being here, then being there, and how his passing took everyone by surprise. Not once did he talk about how he took his own life. To him, it was a non issue.

What is memorable to me was that when he pulled his energy away, Mary the mother of Jesus showed up, her arms open. “Tell her I’m taking care of my son.”

“One of you must be Catholic,” I said. The daughter said that she wasn’t but that her mother was. “I looked her mother and said, “You must have a strong devotion to Our Blessed Mother, then.”

She nodded. “I do.”

“Well, she just came to me and wants me to tell you that she’s heard your prayers. She said to tell you, ‘I’m taking care of my son.'”

Hearing that she broke down and really wept. “Everyday, I pray to Mary, ‘Please take care of your son.'”

I thought to myself, “No wonder he didn’t bring up his suicide. To him, even though it was just earlier this year, it’s so far behind him, it’s not even important enough for him to mention.”

The souls have told me that when we lose hope, our souls wither. That’s what causes people to take their own lives. On the Other Side, there’s not only hope, there’s love. And it’s the love that surrounds them that heals, and brings them peace.

When I receive a question, such as yours, I’ll often answer it based on the many readings I’ve done and heard the issue addressed. For example, for one entire year, almost all the souls that came to me took their own lives. However, if I do receive a question that I’ve not dealt with before, I will go for a walk and ask God and the souls for an answer from their perspective. My latest book, “We Are Never Alone,” answers some of the many questions I’ve asked, and the answers I’ve been given.