"He's proud he committed suicide and ruined my life?"

“He’s proud he committed suicide and ruined my life?”

I went to a psychic fair yesterday… after about an hour of dragging my feet I went to a medium and got a reading. My brother committed suicide when he was 18. I was 16. Here is what happened at the reading.

My Grammy came thru right away… and gave me a hug … said something about my left arm? Nothing came to mind. Then … yup Mario (my brother). This is very weird and the man said in all of the years he had been doing this never had he relayed this before.

Mario said he is proud of what he did … that everyone thought him to be a coward and he finally achieved something. He isn’t in heaven, but he isn’t in hell either, said he had lots of lessons to learn still, and that it isn’t what he thought it would be.

I am disturbed a bit. I really don’t know what to think. The man also said Mario has fond memories of building Legos with me.

Not very comforting I feel like I got hit with a baseball bat.

Elizabeth Newcomb

Dear Elizabeth,

I am a full-time medium and the author of, “Communications from the Other Side: Death is Not the End of Life, Love, or Relationships.” I was inspired to write my book by a young woman who took her own life.

For a period of about a year 3 out of every 4 readings I did involved someone who took their own life. I learned a lot during that time and I’d like to share with you some of what I learned.

In all the sessions I’ve done in which someone has come through like your brother I have never heard any of those souls say that they were proud of what they did. By the same token, however, I have never heard a soul say that they regretted what they did either.

The reasons for this are several. One is that they are in a place in which they’re loved unconditionally despite what they did. They don’t minimize taking their own life, and they don’t recommend that their loved ones do so as well, but they say that at the time they did it they thought it was their only option.

I’m telling you this to let you know that your brother is at peace and is with God. I have heard over and over again from these souls that God holds them close to His heart, understanding the pain that drove them to do what they do.

In my book I talk about an incident where I was about to do a group reading and before anyone arrived I told someone who was with me that there was someone who was coming to reconnect with a loved one who committed suicide. She asked me how I knew and I told her I could feel the energy of the soul who did it and it was as heavy as it gets.

Now some mediums may feel this energy and say that the soul is still depressed over what they did. This just isn’t the case. Souls on the Other Side are at peace, but use this heaviness to let me know what they did.

I believe this is what happened in the case of the person who did your reading; he misinterpreted the feelings he was getting from your brother.

As far as your brother not being in hell, but not being in Heaven either, again, I believe is simply a misinterpretation of what the medium was receiving on his part. Your brother does have lessons he needs to learn but that does not mean he’s not at peace nor that he is unloved by God. All Souls are greeted with compassion, love, and understanding, both by the souls on the Other Side and Eternal Light of Love.

When someone comes to me during a session, who took their own life, they are, whether or not they were a “Christian” in this life, accompanied by Christ with his hand on their shoulder.

I hope this helps you find some comfort. The souls come to us during AUTHENTIC readings from a place of Peace, Joy, and Love. The idea that you left the reading feeling as though you were hit by a baseball bat was certainly not the intent of your brother nor, I’m sure, by the medium.

That being said, if anyone claiming to be a medium tells you (and this is for everyone reading this) that the soul of your loved one is not at peace, or UNCONDITIONALLY LOVED by God, end your time with them immediately, and walk away.

I feel your peace,



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