"He had absolutely no way of knowing anything about my mom."

“He had absolutely no way of knowing anything about my mom.”

I would like to share my experience I had with the wonderful Anthony Quinata.

I was drawn to him through someone who messaged me on twitter. She told me to look him up that she had a friend that he helped out tremendously and she felt he could help me. I looked up his website, ordered his book and  his book came in the mail. Once I got the book I read it and felt like I was on a mission. I needed to get in touch with Anthony to connect with my mom. She has been gone just 5 months but after she came to me in a dream I felt like I needed to connect to her.

Less than a week later I was having a reading by Anthony. He gave me some information about a nephew who had passed on and was very close to my husband. [My nephew] wanted me to tell my husband how grateful he is for the father figure he was towards him during his very short life. Anthony said he knew my nephew passed away at an early age. Yes, he was 19 and died  in a car accident about 5 years ago.

Anthony connected me to my mom and my grandma. Grandma was a pistol according to Anthony, that is hilarious because that was Grandmas personality.

My mom told me the things I did and said when she was in the hospital. They were “exact”. I rubbed her forehead and as I cried I told her not to go. She said she heard me. Also, she was saying thank you for the balloons. Anthony asked what it meant so I told him, on the day of my moms funeral, some family members that are in another state wrote messages and prayers on balloons and released them for my mom. Well she wants me to say thank you to them and she loved it.

She also was excited about “the garden”. My dad and brothers and I have talked about making a prayer garden for her. She mentioned the “memorial” that was done in her memory. She said she loved it and gave Anthony an image that it was something you sit on and talk to her. I couldn’t believe it because after she passed, my cousin and her husband made a beautiful stone bench for my dad. We are planning to put it in her prayer garden.

She kept saying Little Angel so Anthony asked if she called me Angel. Well I told him my daughter’s name is Angel. My daughter also mentioned that the night before my moms passing she saw my grandmother appear to her in her window, guess what? That also was confirmed. I was instructed to give my daughter a message that she isn’t crazy or losing her mind, she really did see grandma.

Mom and Grandma both thanked me for the candles that I light at church for them.

Mom also told me about the butterfly I just seen two days ago. She said when I saw it, I said “Hi Mom” That was true I did say “Hi Mom” and got emotional. She told me she was excited that I recognized it was her.

She also wanted to tell me that she hears me when I talk to her and that she is always with me. She told Anthony that I have one particular picture that I look at when I talk to her. That too is also true. I couldn’t believe the things he was telling me. He had absolutely no way of knowing anything about my mom. I had not shared any of this with him.

After she was getting ready to pull away from our reading, she came back and told Anthony she needed to say “Happy Birthday” . I told him she is right, it is my brother’s birthday today and my dads birthday was 2 days ago as well. That really took the cake for me.

He told me my mom told him that I am still her baby. That’s awesome, she always told me that. She would say when your 50 you will still be my baby. I’m not close to that yet but I know what she meant. He even told me my mom was grabbing my face and looking me straight in the eye and saying I love you! She did this EVERY SINGLE time I saw her.

I never imagined feeling so relieved after speaking with Anthony but he really did help me. I am so grateful to him and for @petswithpizzzaz and @shelleywhisman. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I was kinda skeptical but I really believe in Anthony’s gift. HE is truly a blessing from God!

Thank you Anthony for all your help !!!!

I also forgot to mention that Anthony was feeling the pain mom had during her ordeal. See she had a bypass surgery and went home after a week she ended up back in the hospital. The doctors did an exploratory surgery and found there was nothing they could do so they closed her up and she died three days later.Tthey told us she had a ruptured ulcer. Anthony described this exactly!

Urb Ann

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