"Have you ever heard from a dark entity?"

“Have you ever heard from a dark entity?”

Have you ever contacted a soul that went to Hell !??? Just curious .. No one ever admits it if so …



Hi Shana,

All of the medium sessions I’ve ever done, and I’ve done the work for several years now, were motivated by love. The souls ask to allow this communication with their loved ones to happen, and God grants permission, out of love for those of us trying to find the strength and courage to carry on.

I’ll be the first to admit though, when I began doing this work, I believed in the existence of “hell,” and made sure to take every precaution that I would not hear from “dark entities.” Still, for a time I wondered if I were being duped by “demons” who were using me to tell people things that weren’t true.

When the movie “Ghosts” with Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg came out, my favorite scenes were when the two murderers were dragged away by cowled “dark entities” into “Hell.” As I was watching this, silently cheering this “eternal justice,” the souls told me that what I was seeing wasn’t the way it worked. I told them I didn’t want to hear it.

During readings, the souls continued to insist that “hell” doesn’t exist. It caused me a great deal of sleepless nights. What if I were being duped by “demons” or “dark entities,” and unwittingly deceiving those coming to see me for a reading? After all, some of the things I heard, being human, I would think, “If anyone deserves to go to “hell….” And to hear the souls being so blasé when they talked about what was done to them, stressing that their loved ones hear the need to forgive….

Slowly, it dawned on me that if I am hearing from “demons” their messages of love and comfort meant that they’re failing miserably “the Devil” miserably. People have come away from their sessions with me comforted, happy, and people who were angry with God found their faith again.

I will admit that I  have done readings in which the person who came through wasn’t someone I, personally, would have spent time with in this plane of existence, but they didn’t come to be my friend to begin with. Secondly, they  make themselves known the way they were known here. That doesn’t mean that’s the way they are in the hereafter however. It’s just that the closer they come here to earth during a reading, the more they take on the same  personality while they were here.

I did a reading, earlier today, for a young woman (19 years old) whose father literally drank himself to death. Her mother and father separated and later divorced when she was 12 years old. He admitted to not being a very nice guy, and not a very good father at times, being abusive to her, her mother and brother.

What struck me throughout the reading was how much she still loved and adored him, happy to find out he was still in her life. If she can forgive and love him as much as she does, happy to hear that he’s found the peace that eluded him here on earth, how can we expect any less from the One the souls call Eternal Light of Love?

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