"Get it right, psychic boy!"

“Get it right, psychic boy!”

My journey with Anthony started when a family friend posted on Facebook how his book was eye-opening and how everyone she knew should read it. Now I’m not one to read books that mediums put out because frankly, I think most of them are fake. But when my cousin said she had purchased the book and read it, I decided that I should take a look at it and see what it was all about. My curiosity got to the best of me. Let’s just say the book opened my eyes. It made me a believer in the afterlife again and in Anthony as a genuine medium.

After reading Communications from the Other Side, my husband and I had a very strong feeling that we should contact Anthony for an over the phone reading as soon as possible. Something was drawing us to Anthony and we had a sense of urgency. This reading would be a first for both of us. What’s more shocking is that my husband was the one who was really pushing to get a reading from Anthony. Let’s just say all my doubts about Anthony being a true medium and actually talking to the other side are fully gone due to our experience. He knew things I hadn’t even known about my family. He knew things about me that no one would know unless they lived with me.

I was very fortunate to have several spirits who wanted to talk with us. The first spirit that came through was my grandmother from my dad’s side. Anthony assured me of this by being able to give me my grandmother’s name – Anita. I must admit I started questioning him when he said that she had a good presence around her. It wasn’t that my grandmother was not a good person, BUT she is Italian and quite feisty. Boy did Anthony find this out shortly later in the reading when my grandmother started chastising him for giving the information not the way she wanted him to. For example, Anthony had said that she was showing him a relationship of a mom’s mom. Being that she was my dad’s mom, the information did not quite fit and I said no. We then continued on with the reading.

Come to find out later during that conversation that when my mom came through, my grandmother was trying to tell him that she had MY mom with her. Anthony said that my grandmother [bonked] him in the head and said “Get it right psychic boy!” This was my grandmother for sure! She was a pill when she was still alive. It was nice to see she hadn’t changed. She had chastised him a little more, “Finally you get it psychic boy,” during my reading as it went on, so much that by the end of the reading he told me he had fun and it was definitely a kick in the pants!

The last person that came through in my reading was my mom. Anthony was able to answer a question I have had since she passed in 2009. He was spot on when describing her. He said she was stubborn and hated needing help from people. He even knew how important her hair was to her and how it crushed her when she started losing it. Anthony knew how my mom referred to my husband as her son. He was not her son-in-law, he was just her son. There is so much more I could say about my reading, about how much Anthony knew from the past and up to two days before our reading, but it would turn into a book in itself!

I just want to say thank you to Anthony. He will never know how much his talent has helped my family and me with the loss of our family members. It’s very comforting to know that my mother, one of my best friends, is still here with my family and me. It’s also nice to have answers to questions that I’ve been needing answers to since my mom’s passing. After the reading I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and my head was clear. For the first time in years I felt at peace with the loss of my mom. Thank you for doing our reading Anthony. You have to love old Italian ladies!

Thank you,

Melissa and Kurt Pepple

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