"Evil" spirits vs. "Evil" Souls.

“Evil” spirits vs. “Evil” Souls.

Just curious, do you feel there is such a thing as an earth-bound spirit? Do you feel that the term “dark entity” can apply to them? What are your thoughts as far as spirit and soul, same thing, or are the separate parts of a souls experience here on earth?


Jeff, before I realized I have the ability to do what I do I was actively investigating reports of hauntings, apparitions, and poltergeist activity. This was also long before it became in vogue to do such a thing. So yes, I do acknowledge the existence of “earth-bound spirits.”

When people talk about “dark entities,” my first thought is a discarnate consciousness (an apparition), as opposed to a recording in the environment (a ghost). As I’ve talked about before, once a soul goes through its life review, it no longer needs to hold whatever anger, depression, addictions, etc… it had when it was here. What it brings into the Other Side, is the love it cultivated while it was here.

If a spirit chooses not to cross over, it apparently retains all the emotions and characteristics  it had here as a physical human being.

When I speak of a “soul,” I’m referring to someone who has crossed over and gone through its life review. I refer to a “spirit” as one who hasn’t. Thus the idea, and possibility of “evil spirits,” but not “evil souls.”

Which is why, since I only speak to souls that have crossed over, there’s no danger of someone “evil” coming through. Most simply emanate more love than some do.

Thanks for the great questions!

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