“Evil people live in Heaven?”

Do evil people REALLY end up in the paradise that the other Souls presently live in? Evil people like animal abusers, sexual deviants, pedophile clergy, etc.

Each time I read about another animal being neglected or abused to near death my heart hurts, I feel so helpless.

How does one bring Light & Love to such dark & evil people? It’s difficult for me to comprehend that God made such evil beings, though I do KNOW that’s a learned behavior.


I was talking to someone on the phone and we had a similar conversation. I told her, “Let’s pretend that God appoints you judge for a few minutes. What sins do you condone and what do you condemn?”

As we talked she realized that she would condone the “sins” she commits, and condemns those she doesn’t. I’m sure that would be true of each one of us.

What if God decided to appoint someone like Al Capone as judge? Think about it. This is the same guy who said, “I don’t know why everyone is coming after me. I didn’t do anything to hurt anyone.”

God does appoint every one of us as “judge,” of ourselves, during our life review. Personally, I’d rather God judged me, since God doesn’t make mistakes but understands when we do.

So the answer is “yes,” souls that have done evil while they were here are in “Paradise,” and they’re grateful they are there. But the souls have explained to me what’s it’s like for them.

They explained it in terms of seasons. The closer that the earth’s tilt brings us to the sun, the more we feel the warmth of the sun. The farther away, the less we feel it’s warmth.

For souls that have wreaked havoc during their time here, at the end of their life review, they place themselves on a “level” farther away from God. However, having experienced God’s love, their want is to repair the damage they caused, and lessen the degree of separation they feel from God.

One more thing. People are always asking me what their purpose is here. The souls say that it’s to recreate Heaven here on earth, by being a reflection and expression of the Eternal Light of Love. When you raise your consciousness, you raise the consciousness of the those around you.

When Pope John II came to Denver in the 90’s crime dropped dramatically while he was here, and violent crime was non-existent. Mother Theresa once brought fighting to a complete halt between Israelis and Palestinians when she enter into their war zone.

Your “job,” as well as mine, is to bring light to wherever we find darkness. We do this by loving those who are hurting so much, they feel justified in hurting others; detesting the “sin,” not the “sinner.”

There have been many times during a reading that I’ll hear a soul confess their sins to their loved ones while they were alive, and I’ll think, “Where’s the justice?” But the souls have made it clear to me, many times, someone may get away with breaking man’s law, but no one gets away with breaking God’s law. The lower levels these souls find themselves in may be paradise, but it’s not a walk in the park, by any stretch of the imagination.

 I feel your peace,



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