"Even after my medium reading, I still have my doubts."

“Even after my medium reading, I still have my doubts.”

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I wish I could be you for a day.” I usually answer, “So do I. I could use the break.”

I just had a great conversation with Barb over Facebook messenger. She said she wished she were a medium because even though she received a reading from me … “You did a reading for me and I was astounded cuz you said some things only my family would know, left me speechless and me being speechless is really hard to do …  there still was, there still is, that little bit of doubt ~ call me ‘doubting Thomas.’ Now if one of those spirits would just appear in front of me, I would be sold, and then I would faint dead away, lol”

The souls of her loved ones, and yours, would tell you that doubt is natural. The purpose of a medium session isn’t to take away your grief or doubt, but to give you the assurance that “death is not the end of life, love, or relationships.”

The souls say that if God  took away all of our doubts, and revealed all of the answers we’re asking for, then we wouldn’t learn the lessons we came here to learn.

Some people seem to think that because of my ability I breeze through life. Nothing could be farther from the truth. After doing countless number of sessions, acting as a “bridge” between this life and the hereafter, I still have questions without answers, and struggles that leave me breathless.

Even after all these years of doing this work, while I don’t doubt the existence of the Other Side, it doesn’t mean I have all of the answers to life here. If anything, because I no longer struggle with the existence of life after death, it’s deepened my questions about my life before death.

The souls say that one of the things they want us to know is that all of our questions will be answered in the hereafter. They want us to know that they are happy and at peace.

They also want us to know that our life there will directly reflect the lessons we learn, and didn’t learn, while we’re here. So while we’re here we should be more concerned with learning the lessons we’re here to learn. When we’ve done that, we’ll be reunited with our loved ones on the Other Side, and all doubt will disappear.

But I’ll be there, wagging my finger at you, saying, “I told you so!”

I feel your peace.


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