"Enlightening, goose-bumpy, awesome, delightful & comforting."

“Enlightening, goose-bumpy, awesome, delightful & comforting.”

Hi Anthony! I’d like to share w/everyone how enlightening, goose-bumpy, awesome, delightful & most important (to me) comforting your book, Communications from the Other Side is. Since I purchased it back in late April 2013 I’ve read it twice, cover to cover, yet I refer back to my favorite sections/chapters often still today.

I’ve read several other books of this genre since my beloved Robert crossed over December 1, 2012. May I say that YOUR book truly has helped me better understand & ALMOST accept My Robert’s sudden passing. For me, your way of writing is more like you’re talking to the reader. You come across more genuine than other authors do. I don’t mean to dismiss the others, I just found your style of writing more like listening to a good friend comforting me.

I hope others who need comforting are guided to your book, [and] then to you for a reading. I cannot thank you enough for your gift of communication to our loved ones & your comforting spirit.

Blessed be Anthony

Cookie O’Prey

If you liked this, you’ll love my book,

“Communications from the Other Side: Death is Not the End of Life, Love, or Relationships.”

“After reading ¾ of your book I’m at peace with death, and moving on.”

Jennifer Adams