"Does this mean that he doesn't love me anymore?"

“Does this mean that he doesn’t love me anymore?”

Hi Anthony! It’s my 1st opportunity to listen to your radio show, I thoroughly enjoyed it & hope to catch future shows.

I’ve a question, about something stated in my reading w/you back on May 30th @ 1:00 pm. You stated that My Robert said to you he wants me to “move on,” and that you thought I wouldn’t like to hear this. Of course you were correct.

Does Robert’s “request” mean he doesn’t love me anymore? The Robert I knew & loved (still do very much today), would never request that of me. I cannot believe that’s what he’d like me to do! Does this request mean he WILL NOT be there to meet me when I cross over like we had talked about when he was still here in the physical world?!?!

I’ve sat for one entire month w/these questions, crying & worrying I’ll never see him again OR worse , much worse, never experience Our Love, his love for me again.

Please Anthony help me understand what’s behind this absolutely absurd “request”. I can’t & won’t believe that’s what Robert REALLY wants me to do. I’m all confused.

Blessed be Anthony


Dear Cookie,

As soon as I read this the souls compared it to a woman having one child and saying that she didn’t want another one because she might stop loving the first one as much as she does now.

Your question reminded me of something someone I knew told me over 30 years ago at a party. She was a movie buff, and said that when she was a child and she saw someone killed in a movie or on television she thought that they really died, and would never be able to appear in another movie, or television show again. She said she often wondered, “Why would anyone want a job like that?”

At that time, being in her 20’s and a lot more mature, and wise, realizing that the actors were playing roles, she understood what, when she was young, she thought was an “absurd” occupation.

One thing we need to remember is that when leave the Other Side to come here, we do so in order to learn lessons, in love. In order to do so, we take on “roles,” so to speak, and design the circumstances that we believe will be the most beneficial to help us learn these lessons.

While Robert may have been your “one true love” in this life, you, according to the souls, could very well have been his grandfather, and he your granddaughter, in a previous one. Or he could have been your sister, and you his brother. You two might even have been mortal enemies.

After we cross over, we let go of the need for these guises and become who we really are once again. That doesn’t mean that just because he isn’t playing the character of  “Robert” in this lifetime anymore, that he no longer loves you as well. You will know him when you cross over by the love he had for you here, and throughout eternity. He will know you by the love you have for him.

So when Robert told you that it was okay for you to move on with your life, what he was saying wasn’t that he doesn’t love you, but that he wants you to live your life to the full, and if that means you fall in love again, with someone else ….

As I write this I can hear Robert laughing and calling you “silly” for ever thinking that he would stop loving you, especially from the Other Side where love is unconditional.

“Do you really think that if you fell in love again that I would stop loving you or not be there to welcome you when you come back home?” he’s asking. “I’d be happy for you! Our love for one another is eternal. Nothing can ever change that.”

He’s where he is because he’s learned the lessons of love he was supposed to learn. You are still here because you have lessons you still need to learn. When he told you during your reading that he wants you to be open to falling in love again, it’s because it’s part of the lessons you’re here to learn. It’s not because he no longer loves you. It’s because he loves you more now than he was able to when he was still here.

I feel your peace,