Does marriage Exist in Heaven?

Does marriage Exist in Heaven?

Anthony I have a question for you, after you and your spouse pass when you reach heaven, are you still like you were on earth as a married couple and do you know each other when you was on earth together.



Hi Cookie,

Great question!

As the subtitle of my book suggests, “death is not the end of life, love or relationships.” But does that mean that the relationships we have with people remain the same on the Other Side?

Does that mean that our relationships remain unchanged? The answer is no.

Let’s look at the flip side of that question. Do the people we hold grudges against here mean that we’ll hold the same grudge against them in the hereafter? Again, the answer is no.

When we’re holding a grudge, the challenge is to learn how to forgive. When we learn that, we grow spiritually. What you don’t forgive here, you’ll have to let go of during your life review, without the benefit of having learned the lesson it contained.

The relationships we have here serve to help us grow spiritually so that when we return back home our life there reflects how well we learned the lessons we came here to learn.

Having said that, the purpose of marriage in this life is that we vow to one another that we’ll provide a safe haven for one another to grow and discover who we are in the eyes of God, “until death do us part.”

 There’s no need for marriage on the Other Side because we are seen, and accepted for whom we really are, and our marriage here has served it’s purpose.

Will we know one another in the hereafter? Absolutely. We will know, and love one another, in a way that isn’t possible in this life.

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