"Do we choose to come here, or are we drafted?"

“Do we choose to come here, or are we drafted?”

So we’re given a choice if we wish to come to The Physical Earth or is it simply our duty, like “the draft” so many years ago?


I do a seminar entitled, “Lessons from the Other Side.” As part of it I lead the attendees through a guided meditation of the hereafter. It’s based on what the souls have shown me, and told me, about their life on the Other Side.

When the meditation is over I’m not surprised to see men, along with women, in tears, as they’re reminded where we’ve come from.  People have told me that the meditation alone helped ease the grief they were feeling.

“So why anyone leave what you’ve just experienced to come this spiritual cesspool?” I ask when its all said and done.

“Because they want to,” I say, answering my own question.

Death doesn’t exist in the hereafter, so we come here knowing we will lose loved ones, to learn the lessons grief can teach us.

No one gets in our face on the Other Side, so we come here to learn lessons in forgiveness  when people do.

We leave the loving, supportive,  communities that we live in there so that we can learn lessons that can only be learned from being betrayed.

We do not age in the hereafter, so we come here to struggle, and grow spiritually, knowing we have a limited amount of time before we return home again.

Whatever the specific lesson we came to learn here is, we didn’t come here out of duty or because we of a draft, but because of love. Created in love, by Love, we choose to come to this plane of existence for experiences we could never have there; in order to grow in our ability to love, and earn the right to explore and experience more deeply the Eternal Light of Love.