Do People who are Atheist or commit Suicide go to Heaven?

I was just reading one of your posts, about reuniting with our loved ones in heaven and that they want us to know they are o.k.. My heart hurt and I had the thoughts, “Yes, but the wait is so long. What if you don’t believe in heaven… and what about suicides?

Even if there is a heaven, isn’t it believed that people who commit suicide don’t go to heaven (One of our mutual friends committed suicide, and even though Pete’s death was ruled an accident, I have my suspicions it may have been a suicide)?

I hope that wherever your spirit is, Pete, that you are at peace.


Ellen, as I read this, I couldn’t help but feel the pain you must be feeling, and I want to say I’m sorry that you’re going through it. My one job, as a medium, is to help people such as yourself know that life doesn’t end, and that you’re loved ones are at peace in the hereafter.


I’ll be the first to admit that anybody can claim to be a “medium,” read a few New Age books, and tell you that your loved ones are still with you, still love you and all that good stuff. What you want is a reason for believing that it’s real. You want to hear things that only the soul of Pete would know.


When I first started doing this, not believing it was real myself, I demanded the same thing from the souls. “If this is for real,” I’d tell them before doing a session, “I want you to tell me something that I can tell your loved one that only they would know. Something I couldn’t possibly know.”


Even when that happened, I still wondered if I were “simply” reading minds. Then one day I did a session for a woman and messages started coming that were for her next door neighbor whose husband died from a motorcycle accident. I was still new at this, and trying to figure out what the symbols souls often showed me meant. In this case, I saw a stalk of celery. I told the woman I was doing the reading for the only thing I could think of, “Tell his wife she did the right thing by taking him off life support. He didn’t want to be a vegetable.”


When she passed that message onto her friend, her neighbor told her that she and her husband had a friend who was also in a motorcycle accident a year before. He was kept alive on life support. The man’s wife just couldn’t bring herself to “pull the plug.”


“If that ever happens to me,” the neighbor’s husband told her, “don’t keep me on life support. I don’t want to be a celery stalk.”

The woman I’d done the reading for told me later that was the first time she’d ever heard that story. It was the first time I began to believe that I really was hearing from souls who had crossed over.


Since then I’ve heard from countless souls that have told their loved ones, through me, that no matter long it takes for us to be reunited with them on the Other Side, that when our time finally comes to be with them, it’ll seem like a blink of an eye. And not to rush things. It’ll happen when it’s supposed to happen.


I’ve also heard souls say that when they left this life they were shocked by two things. One was that they had died. Two, that they were alive, in a place that they didn’t believe existed to begin with! Many of them talk about thinking it was a dream they were having.


Finally, I can’t tell you how many souls I’ve heard from who admitted to taking their own life, reassuring their loved ones that they weren’t being punished. Quite the contrary, they were being healed by the unconditional love they felt in the hereafter.


I can tell you this, Pete is with the Eternal Light of Love, surrounded by the souls of those who love him, watching over you from a place of peace.