“Do our loved ones hang around before moving on?”

“Is it true that your love ones that pass only hang around for a certain time and then they have to move on to the next phase of there life?”


Hi Wendy,

According to Mary Ann Winkowski, the woman who inspired the television show, “The Ghost Whisperer,” there is something like a 72 hour window during which a soul can choose to cross over to the Other Side. During those 72 hours, again, according to Winkowski, the spirits will check in on various loved ones, attend their own funeral to see what it’s like, who shows up, who doesn’t, etc.

That totally flew against what the souls who have crossed over have told me, but then again, she freely admits to talking to “ghosts,” not souls who have crossed over, so I guess what she’s saying makes sense.

Personally, when I do a medium session, I’m in contact with souls that have crossed over, and gone through their “life review.” I have heard from, more than once, souls that passed away literally moments before, assuring their loved ones that they’re beyond the pain, and suffering of this life, in a state of pure bliss.

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Jennifer Adams