"Did the souls of my loved ones pay for my mistakes?"

“Did the souls of my loved ones pay for my mistakes?”

Hi Anthony,

Here is a question for your blog. I am Diana Rosado the lady you read for from Florida back in September. I am the one whose family interrupted your breakfast because they wanted you to be prompt for the reading and they were ready before you.

My mother, father, sister, grandma and son were ready and my friend John who worked with me stopped by to say he loved me and Jerry stopped bye to let me know he is in spirit and I passed the message on to my husband Antonio (Tony). He is the one that both my son and father approved of after Daddy let it be known I have been married three times.(Thanks Daddy for the newscast.)

I am very happy that you described my son as a polite young man. That description lifted my heart which has always been so full of love for my Eddie from the day he was born until he left me 2 days before his 5 month and now my baby boy has grown up into a polite and loving and especially forgiving man I am so proud of him. His forgiveness has healed a hole in my heart and my soul I have been carrying for the last 38 years since he went back home. I felt an unfit mother because of the events that led to his being born a very sick preemie. I had no idea of the facts until it was too late to correct. I have been kicking my butt all these years for being so freaking naïve.

I know that our loved ones keep tabs on our lives back here in these earthly dimensions this question is in reference to all the errors and mistakes I have made since my loved ones returned home. There was a time after I lost my son and later my parents that I lost all sense of perception and made some extremely dumb and sometimes dangerous mistakes. I lost my common sense and sought the worst ways to heal my pain and loneness. When I woke up from this fog I realized that I must have made them very frustrated and at times disappointed because of my actions. In retrospect I feel guilty because my action may have effected their spiritual growth in heaven.

Diane Rosado

Dear Diane,
The good news is that nothing you do here can adversely affect the spiritual growth of your loved ones in Heaven. You can positively affect their spiritual growth by doing things like praying for them, lighting candles, forgiving them for anything they may have done, etc.

Speaking of forgiveness, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to quit wishing the past were different and you hadn’t done whatever it was you did. I’ve spent a great deal of time with people who were dying, and was privileged to be there when they transitioned. None of them regretted what they did. What they did regret was what they didn’t do.

The souls say everything happens for a reason. What’s important is not what you’ve done; it’s what you learned from having done it. Did you learn to love yourself and others more after making a mistake? Did what you, hopefully, learn cause you to treat yourself and others better? These are the questions that you will be asked by God, and yourself, after you cross over and are going through your life review.

The souls on the Other Side know that you did what you did was so that you could learn the lessons you’re here to learn. Life here is difficult, and you’ll be here until you learn those lessons. When you do, it’ll be your time to go back home. Until then, you’ll make mistakes. God and the souls understand this.

I hope that after reading this, you do too.

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