Deja Vu? Or something else?

Deja Vu? Or something else?

Hi Anthony,

I just got done reading your book the other day (which is very awesome). I have a few questions for you. 1. In chapter 22 you mentioned about having dreams and stuff like that. I’m wondering if you have ever experienced deja vu? If you have or if you could tell me what it means.

I’m asking because I will have a dream about something or a place that I’m not at or have never seen or been before. Few months later or so I will be doing something and its like I did this before or seen it before and I know what happens for a couple or minutes. I’m just wondering what this all means. Or if you could help me out with this or know of some books or what have you.

My wife was pregnant with our second child two years ago and she was having a hard time with it. There were a few times that I knew she was going to be in the hospital for it because I had seen it before. If you could, any information would be helpful.

I think what you do is very awesome and I enjoyed your book! Have a great Day!! Thanks for your time!

Kurt Pepple


Hi Kurt,

I’m really glad you enjoyed my book, and that it motivated you to ask this question, which I’m going to have to answer in three (3) parts.

1.The word, Déjà vu, is French and literally means “already seen.” It’s when you experience the strong feeling of “been there, done that,” even though you don’t think it actually happened to you in the past. But that’s not my understanding of what you’re describing. What I think you’re referring to is something known as a

2. “Prophetic dream.” A prophetic dream happens when God gives us a glimpse into the future, while we’re dreaming, to prepare us for what is about to happen.

When I was 16, I lived in my grandparent’s house with my family, the same one I talk about my book. I had a dream one night that I was walking down a dirt road surrounded by a jungle, and telling someone I couldn’t see, “Don’t worry, we’ll get it back.” The dream was very vivid when it happened.

About three days later I was walking on the dirt road I talked about in my book when I saw the five “spirits” under the banyan tree, only this time I was walking away from my house. My cousin Roque (Row key) was with me (the same cousin who helped me take down the shed). Someone stole his bike and we were going to look for it.

There was a part of that road that was surrounded on both sides by jungle and when we got to it I told him, “Don’t worry, we’ll get it back.” I remember thinking, “I dreamed about this conversation.”

We did find it. In fact, the guy who stole it was riding it! I thought, “This might get ugly,” and was literally preparing myself to have to fight this guy for the bike. But when the guy saw us, he willingly gave the bike back.

In retrospect, it occurred to me that God was telling me not to go nuts when I saw the guy riding the bike, that we’d get it back without a problem. That’s what I mean by a prophetic dream.

People have told me they’ve dreamt about living in a house other than the one they lived in at the time, over and over again. Then they decide it’s time to buy a new home, and while they’re house hunting they find themselves in the very house they dreamt about.

One of my favorite stories along these lines was told to me by a woman who continually dreamt she walked around a house she wasn’t familiar with. One day she and her husband made an appointment to look at a house being sold by the owners, and they arrived, the woman of thethe house screamed, and fainted.

When she came to she explained to her husband that the woman who told me this story was the “ghost” she was seeing roaming around their house which is why they were selling the home in the first place. Yes, the woman who told me this story, and her husband did end up buying the house, by the way!

3. The incidents you described involving your wife sound like “Clairvoyance” to me. Like “Deja Vu,” it’s a French word meaning, “clear seeing.” When I was doing a lot of spiritual coaching I would devote the first 10 minutes or so to clairvoyantly seeing what was going on in someone’s life. For me it was like seeing a film or a series of pictures of what was happening in their lives at that time. I would then watch as the film showed me what was going to happen to them in the future.

Sometimes I would only get a glimpse, and a feeling of what was going to happen. For example, two sisters came to my home for a reading and one of them had to use the bathroom. When she came back into my office I literally had to do a double take because she looked 9 months pregnant, but only for a moment. “Did you know that you’re pregnant?” I asked her.

Both of the sisters laughed, and she said, “I found out just before we came here to see you. In fact, I told my sister that’ll be our test to see if you’re legitimate … if you picked up on that.”

“Well, there’s going to be an issue when you deliver the baby. It’s umbilical cord will be wrapped around it’s neck, but don’t worry, you’re baby will be fine.” How did I know that? It was a “feeling” (Clairsentience) that I had.

A year and a half later her husband made an appointment to see me. “I’m real skeptical about this sort of thing but you told my wife there would be a problem with the baby’s delivery and everything happened exactly as you said, including the baby being just fine.”

In conclusion, I just want to say that Kurt, you may just be more “psychic” than you realize!




If you liked this, you’ll love my book,

“Communications from the Other Side: Death is Not the End of Life, Love, or Relationships.”

Now I’m not one to read books that mediums put out because frankly, I think most of them are fake. But when my cousin said she had purchased the book and read it, I decided that I should take a look at it and see what it was all about. My curiosity got to the best of me. Let’s just say the book opened my eyes. It made me a believer in the afterlife again and in Anthony as a genuine medium. Melissa Pepples