Dark Angels?

Dark Angels?

I did a reading over the phone for a wonderful woman named Ginny, who lives in Tuscon, Az, yesterday. Early on she asked me if she could ask questions, something I normally don’t allow during a session.

The reason for this is that it’s been my experience that the souls know what you need to hear. They will often answer questions before they’re even asked.

The other reason is that when someone is preoccupied with a question, such as, “I want to know if my mom can tell me when I’m going to meet my soul mate?,”  they probably aren’t listening to the information and evidence being given from the other side.

After Ginny’s husband, Ed, pulled his energy away, Ginny wanted to validate for me some of the messages that came through. We talked about Ed saying that he was aware that she was holding his hand until the hospice staff literally took him away. She asked me if it were possible that his spirit left  long before his body stopped breathing.

“Absolutely,” I told her. I’ve heard from many souls who told their loved ones that their spirit left their body before the actual moment of “death.”

Ginny told me that she was wondering about this because as she sat by her husband’s side, holding his hand, waiting for him to cross over, she heard, and saw, angels singing songs that was “surreal, and etheral.” The thing that scared her was that the “angels” were “dark.”

“They might not have have been angels,” I told her. She disagreed,  telling me again how she heard them singing.

“I hear what you’re saying,” I told her. “I’d like you to hear what I’m saying.” I went on to explain that when her husband passed away, she thought of it as “there he goes,” and it’s a moment of sadness. For God, and those on the Other Side, it’s “here he comes,” and it’s a reunion they rejoiced over. That would explain the singing.

I also explained to her that when souls appear to me, they are often “dark.” The reason for this is not because they are “evil,” although I’m sure some would argue otherwise, claiming I’m being duped by the “devil.” It’s because they’re standing with the light of God behind them. The reason for this is that God is the one who wills this to take place, and all the communication that happens is done in the presence of God.

The first time I saw the cover of my book, I emailed Jennie Taylor Martin, the marketing director of 4th Dimension Press to tell her how excited I was because that’s what I “see” during readings. As far as I was concerned, the person who designed the cover did so inspired by the souls.

When all was said and done, Ginny was relieved that what she saw and heard weren’t “demons” singing at the imminent demise of her husband. Which explained to me why she kept wanting to be reassured that her husband was “okay” during our time together.

As I explain in my book, “Communications from the Other Side: Death Is Not the End of Life, Love, or Relationships,” no one is ever lost to God, and if they’re not lost to God, they’re not lost to you.

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