"Could suicide be a part of someone's life plan?"

“Could suicide be a part of someone’s life plan?”

My mom really believed that we all drew out our life plan before we came here including the time of our death, for our soul to learn a lesson, etc. Is it possible that some souls go down that path for a reason?

Those left behind are left with the hurt and open questions but in reality was this already planned?


Hi Lori,

What a great question! Again, I’m going to answer this from what I’ve heard from doing, I can’t tell you how many, readings over the years.

Your mother is right, according to the souls. We do come here with a plan for our lives, which we design to learn the lessons we need to learn to experience even more fully, the Eternal Light of Love. They also say that the date of our return is also set, the only variable being the circumstance the lead to our passing.

Having said that, I’ve never heard them say, and this is also from those souls that claim responsibility for their own passing, that they “scripted” their lives to end by their own hand.

We come here from the Other Side knowing it will be difficult. We know what we’re in for, while we’re here. Still, we choose to come here because we know that the lessons learned here are due to the hardships we will experience. We also know that in order to withstand these hardships, we’ll have to develop a protective covering around our very being. What happens is that there are souls who are not able to develop the shell necessary to withstand the trials and tribulations we face while we’re here, and they decide to continue their journey in a world of peace.

We are here to recreate Heaven on earth, according to the souls; and to reflect the Eternal Light of Love to one another. The reason why a soul wouldn’t come here with the plan of ending their own life, is that causing the pain that suicide leaves in it’s wake for those left behind would not occur to the souls before they come here.

No one who ends their life by their own hand wants to die;  they want the pain they’re feeling to stop. God understands this, which is why they are so precious to him, and He holds them so close to himself.

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