"Chaser is saying, 'I love you mom!'"

“Chaser is saying, ‘I love you mom!'”

When A.J. came to me for a reading yesterday, I told her to be open to whomever comes through for her. She agreed.

First to come through was Lisa, a friend of hers from high school who took her own life just a few weeks ago.

Second to come through was her father who came through to tell her that after his “life review” he realized how his abusive behavior affected A.J., her sister, and her mother, not only while he was alive but after his passing as well. He talked about the ways he was trying to repair, from the Other Side, the damage he’d done. He then said, “I have Chase with me.”

A.J’s eyes fill with tears when I told her this. The first thing that struck me was Chase’s ear to ear smile, and his bright, sparkling eyes. I could tell he was excited he was reconnecting with his mother. “He wants you to know that he has his energy back. He’s happy, running and playing again, like he used to.”

A.J. wiped tears from her eyes, and nodded. “He had a huge energy.”

“He makes me feel like he loved to eat, but I want to say he had to have a special diet.”

A.J. nodded again. “He had issues with his stomach so he had to have medication.”

“He makes me feel as though his passing came on like a flash. It was sudden. He’s telling me he doesn’t want you to feel guilty. You did the best you could. He really loves you, and doesn’t want you to feel badly about his passing.”

A.J. explained to me that Chase had a heart attack, and she took him to his regular doctor who couldn’t see Chase. By the time she found another doctor it was too late.

“Chase was a big boy,” I said.

“Not really,” A.J. answered. “He was 50 pounds.”

“Well,” I told her, “compared to my two toy poodles, who are only five pounds each, he’s huge.”

A.J. laughed and nodded her head in agreement. “I see what you mean. I’m so excited Chaser came to say hello, and let me know he’s okay. He was the best dog.”

Forget what you may have taught in Sunday school, or Catholic school, animals do to go to Heaven.