The question that changed my life

From my book , “Communications from the Other Side:

Death is Not the End of Life, Love, or Relationships”

I didn’t give a lot of thought to what happened at the dinner with Jennifer and Mike, or with Camille and Steve. My focus continued to be investigating reports of hauntings and apparitions with my group … until the day that would change my life.


“Anthony, I need to talk to you,” Cheryl told me. She took me aside from the people I was talking to. “Sarah is dead.”


I knew she wasn’t kidding, but for a moment, it just didn’t seem real. Sarah was one of those people I thought would be around forever. As long as I knew her all she wanted was to be a mother. The day I was told of her death, she was the mother of a two year old daughter, and a six month old son.


“What happened?” I asked. Cheryl told me that Sarah’s parents were visiting from another state, and suggested that Sarah and her husband go out to dinner. Sarah joined her husband at a restaurant after he got off work. After they finished eating, they were going home in separate cars when a freak accident involving another car killed Sarah instantly, while her husband, who was driving behind her, watched helplessly.


By this time, as a result of my investigations, and EVP experiments, I believed that those who have died can indeed hear us. I still didn’t believe they could talk to us, other than through EVPs. While I was on my way to her memorial service I started talking, out loud, to Sarah. “Sarah, I just want to tell you how sorry I am about what happened to you. I’m still having a hard time accepting it. I love you, I loved our friendship, and I’m going to miss you terribly.”


Suddenly, I was aware, more than that, I knew that she was right next to me. “Hi Anthony,” I heard, not with my ears, but in my mind. “I loved our friendship too. Thank you for being who you are. I’ll miss you too. By the way, tell my family I’m okay!” With that she was gone.


I didn’t know what to think about what happened. Was it really Sarah, or simply my imagination? My first thought was that I was simply imagining things, but it was that last thing I heard that puzzled me. “Tell my family I’m okay!” I didn’t really know Sarah’s husband, and I didn’t know her parents. Why would I imagine her saying that?


When I arrived at the church the service was being held at, pictures of Sarah in the lobby drove home that Sarah was indeed gone. That didn’t mean it was really her who talked to me though, and not my imagination. I saw a several friends there, and I went up to someone I felt I could trust. I wish I could remember who it was, but I was in such a daze, I don’t. I do remember our conversation though.


“I was on my way here, and I think I heard from Sarah,” I said


“What did she say?” I was asked.


“She wants me to tell her family she’s okay.” I said sheepishly.


“Did you?” she asked.


“Did I what?” I asked, not sure what she meant.


“Tell her family she’s okay,” she said. I realized she wasn’t joking.


“Are you kidding me? I’m not going to do that! For one thing, they’re not going to believe me. Secondly, they’ll think I’m nuts!”


She shrugged her shoulders, and said, “I think you should tell them. After all, it’s what Sarah asked you to do,” before she walked away.


I went up to two more friends, told them what happened and had almost the exact same conversation. I was honestly hoping that someone who tell me it was just my imagination and not to worry about it. I was hoping they would agree with me that telling Sarah’s family was a bad idea. I decided to try one more time.


I walked up to Cheryl; the same Cheryl who told me about Sarah’s passing. “I was on my way over here and Sarah came to me. She talked to me.”


“What did she say?” Cheryl asked.


“She wants me to tell her family that she’s okay.”


“Did you?” Cheryl asked.


“Why is everyone asking me this?” I wondered. I began to feel frustrated that no one was telling me I simply imagined the conversation.


“No, I didn’t tell them. They’ll think I’m crazy!” I told Cheryl exasperated.


“Why?” she asked, “that’s your thing isn’t it, talking to dead people?” With that she walked away.


I called out after her, “What do you mean talking to dead people is my thing?”


She simply kept walking. Without turning around she waved and said, “Go tell them, Anthony!”


I didn’t tell her family Sarah wanted them to know she was okay. Whether or not they would have thought I was crazy wasn’t the point. I wasn’t sure I hadn’t lost my mind.


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