"Can those who died in the Twin Towers remember their passing?"

“Can those who died in the Twin Towers remember their passing?”


I wanted to get in touch with you on the anniversary of 9.11 but needed to wait for another posting in order to ask my Q (I went to your website but didn’t see the option too comment). Have any souls come through that were in the twin towers that day and can recall their passing as the buildings came down? Most people worry about their suffering and how fast crossing over takes place. Rsvp when you can. Please and thank-you for sharing your gift :0)



Hi Mike,
Thanks for the question!

The way the process works, at least with me, is that I’m like a telephone. In order for the communication to take place there has to be a soul who wants to communicate with someone still here, someone here who is willing to receive the messages, and then myself as the instrument to pass the messages along. In other words, I usually don’t get bombarded by souls chatting with me for no reason.

Because I was in Denver at the time of this tragedy, I didn’t get a lot of people reaching out to me as I would have if I lived in New York. I did one session in which a man was coming through for his daughter talking about all sorts of people whom she had no idea who they were. That’s when he let me know he was on one of the planes that crashed into one of the towers.

Generally speaking, based on the countless number of sessions I’ve done, I can tell you this – death ends all suffering and fear. If someone were in one of the towers and died in there, whatever fear they experienced would have ceased once they passed from this life into the next. As far as how quickly they would have crossed over, it would have only been a moment. In fact, I’ve heard many times that death is so quick that the souls say they didn’t realize they had “died” until they saw those who had gone before them.

They think of their passing as, “I was there. Now I’m here.” As one soul said, “I didn’t die. I simply changed addresses.” In the case of souls who transitioned in one of the towers I can imagine them saying, “I was running as fast as I could in the staircase … the next thing I knew I was reunited with my loved ones who I thought were dead!”

Finally, when souls talk about suffering during a session, they speak of it the way you or I would remember a distant memory. They remember it, but they don’t experience it. It’s talked about with an attitude that sounds like, “Oh yeah … that ….”

I feel your peace,