Can anyone on the Other Side tell you if there's going to be an answer or miracle to this situation?"

Can anyone on the Other Side tell you if there’s going to be an answer or miracle to this situation?”

Dear Anthony,

I know you remember me and my son from Erie Pa as we had a reading with you and my grandmother came through very clear for you. Its been over a year now since my grandmother passed and I believe my sense of grieving has moved into the acceptance phase, although it was the most painful loss I have ever felt.

You always said I could ask you anything and now I need to ask you something very important, hoping that my grandmother or someone from the other side will come through to you. I ask this request with much sincerity.

My best friend, my adoptive mother, who has had me since a baby and is my mom, recently had a test at the hospital with several problems and a grim prognosis. It was unexpected and plainly put the dr’s don’t know what to do.

My question is…can anyone on the other side tell you if there is going to be an answer or a miracle to this, or… how much time she has left. Or can they tell you anything about the situation. She also has a son Ross on the other side that she lost as a still born baby. I am asking you to try out of kindness. I know you do this for a living, but this time I am just asking you to do this out of empathy and compassion alone. Her name is Beverly. I look forward to your response and appreciate your time with utmost respect.

Sharon G

Dear Sharon,

I’m asked this sort of thing a lot, so much so, I want to thank you for allowing me to answer your question here.

Recently, an old friend asked me to pray for his mother who is in a hospital in I.C.U. for a heart condition. “I’ll pray for you and your mother’s family that you find peace during this time, and that whatever lessons you need to learn during and after this time, you’ll learn them. That’ll be my prayer for her too.”

I said this because the souls have told me that’s all any of us can pray for when it comes to these situations; that we might understand, learn and grow from them.
On a personal note, I was going through a particularly tough time once (once?) and I kept praying that God would make things better. Being a Roman Catholic, I called in the “reserves,” Mary, and the saints, to pray with me. Well, you might be able to imagine how pissed I was when one of them came to me and said, “Even God can’t interfere with what you are going through now, because it would take the lesson away that you need to learn from it; one of the lessons you are here to learn before you come back home.”
“Are you kidding me?” I cried. “The Source of all creation can’t do this one little (HUGE) thing for me?”
“We cannot promise you happiness while you’re here. But when you’re back home with us ….” With that she was gone.
My point is that if you were sitting in a session with me, chances are the souls would tell you that your mother is fine. She will receive a reward for the suffering she’s going through now on the Other Side. Her destination is Heaven, union with her son Ross, all those she loved who have gone on before her, and with God.
They’ll tell you this hoping that you’ll learn to trust all is as it’s supposed to be. I think one of the most touching and profound things I’ve heard the souls say, over and over, as they reflect back over their lives and the circumstances that led up to their passing is, “It all came together so beautifully.”
They would probably tell you that the real question you need to ask is, “What lessons of love can I learn from this?”
You said that this came on “unexpectedly.” Today, many will lose their loved ones “unexpectedly.” When people such as these come to me for a session, hopping mad with God that this happened, the soul of their loved one will tell them that the reason God “allowed” this to happen was so that they (the sitter) could learn to love those who are still here more deeply, and forgive more quickly.
Spend meaningful time with God in prayer and meditation. Spend meaningful time with your mother, as much as you can, for as long as you have her here. Do the same with your family, and all those you love. That’s what the souls want to say to you about this.
Personally, I will pray for you that you find peace during this time, and that whatever the lessons to be learned during and after this time are, you’ll learn them. That’ll be my prayer for your mother too.”

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