"Can a soul go bad?"

“Can a soul go bad?”

Ok, I have heard this so much, so now I bring it too you Anthony. Is there any truth that when a person passes, and they do not cross over immediately, can their souls go bad?

Sandra Hall

When souls choose not to cross over, they retain the personalities and beliefs that they had while they were still on this plane of existence. So if they had a personality that wasn’t exactly pleasant when they were here, they won’t be any different after they die.

The experiences the living have with these energies are what you see in movies, television shows, and read about in books on the subject.

Souls that cross over, and go through their life review, give up the beliefs and behaviors that aren’t in line with the peace and serenity that makes up the Other Side. Which is why they say that evil does not exist where they are.

I feel your peace,

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