Private/Telephone Sessions

A private session is a one on one session with Anthony whether in person or over the phone. Due to Anthony’s travel schedule however, the majority of his sessions are over the telephone or Skype.

People often think that a session face to face  is more effective than over the telephone. This is a misconception according to Anthony.

“If you read my book, ‘Communications from the Other Side: Death is Not the End of Life, Love, or Relationships,’ you know that I did readings over the internet, via Yahoo Messenger. I did this because I didn’t want any unconscious clues coming from the people I was doing the session with. My goal was do 100 readings but I knew long before I reached that number that I was able to communicate with the souls on the Other Side.

I then began doing phone sessions, before I did readings face to face, simply because the messages started coming faster than I could type!”

Anthony says that since the souls are energy, the distance between you and he isn’t a factor in a reading. “They are connected to you, reaching out to me. The messages come as clearly as if I were sitting in front of you.”


New! You can now have your session with Anthony over Skype!

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