Assisted Suicide – An Incredibly Strong Choice?


“This is actually such an incredibly strong choice by everyone and a true celebration of life and love celebrated by a person in their lifetime.”
I was asked to comment on this, and I’m going to. First, as a human. Then I’ll speak, as a medium, and what I’ve heard the souls have to say about this sort of thing.
My grandfather on my father’s side suffered, and died, from this disease. One of my aunts, on my mother’s side, did as well. Both of them endured the ravages of this disease up until the very end. Neither of them looked as good as the woman in this article.
I still remember when my aunt Vicki was moved from an assisted living facility into hospice. The nurses, and doctors were crying. Why? Because of the joy, and peace she shared with them just being. One nurse told me that even when my aunt lost her ability to speak, when she (the nurse) was feeling down, she would go into my aunt’s room to feel better. “There were times I’d sit with her and she wouldn’t even know I was there because she was asleep, but just being in her presence was amazing. She was so joyful, and peaceful, even though we all knew she was suffering.”
Both my aunt and my grandfather maintained that same attitude. Did they suffer? Horribly. Did they cry? Of course, they did. But they maintained their belief in the idea that something better was waiting for them. And they taught all those around them, including me, how to live, and how to die. They, in my never to be humble opinion, made the strong choice.
As a medium, I can tell you this… if her family came to me for a reading, based on the multitude of sessions I’ve done before in which souls have made a similar choice, I’m sure I can predict what would be said – “While I don’t regret what I did, I wouldn’t suggest anyone else do the same.”
This reminds me of an experiment done many years ago in which children were offered a nickels worth of candy, on the spot (which may give you an idea of how long ago this was done), or thirty cents worth the next day. The vast majority of the children chose the nickels worth of candy. How do you think they felt seeing the kids who held out for another day receiving more candy than they did?
The hereafter is vastly different than those who choose to endure than it is for those who choose to end their lives the way this woman did. Please understand, I’m not judging her or her choice. I’m only echoing what I’ve heard.
I’m also not saying that she’s wandering around in some dark place, suffering even more than she did when she was here either. She’s at peace. She’s not suffering anymore.
I am saying, that according to the souls, she would have seen the reason for her going through what she did, and the reward waiting for her if she would have endured up to the end. I’ve heard many, many souls say, ” If I had to do it all over again. I’d go through ten times the suffering I did, for a fraction of the joy, peace, and love, I’m experiencing now.”
Put another way, suffering makes no sense, none whatsoever, if there weren’t an afterlife.
The lessons she would have learned had she hung in there, up to the end, and been rewarded for, she’ll now have to learn on her journey in the hereafter. Lessons which will bring her, and us. closer to the presence, joy, and love of the Divine Presence. Which is why we came here, to learn those lessons, to begin with.
I wish you peace, and welcome your comments.
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