Ask for the Rolls

Ask for the Rolls

I had a dream last night in which I had crossed over and God was giving me a tour of Heaven. We passed a closed door, and being the nosey s.o.b. that I am, I asked what was behind it.

“You don’t want to know,” God told me. “It’ll only make you sad.”

Did I mention that in addition to being nosey, I’m also persistent? I kept insisting that I be able to see what was behind that door until God relented and opened it for me to look in.

It was a room filled with unbelievable treasures! Jewelry, state of the art electronic toys, luxurious homes, expensive cars …. “These are gifts I offer people,” God explained, “but if they don’t accept them, I take them back and store them in here.”

“That is sad,” I thought to myself. Then I saw a beautiful Rolls Royce in the middle of everything. Since it’s my favorite car I ran up to it, and climbed inside. That’s when I saw the nameplate with my name on it. “This was supposed to be my car? Why didn’t you give it to me? I prayed for a car every night!”

“I know you did,” God answered with a sigh, “but you asked for a Ford.”

 Yesterday, for me was weird. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say I kept wondering what the lesson was I was supposed to learn from it all. It hit me just a few moments ago that I’ve been living my life settling for crumbs, as opposed to what I want for myself, and what God wants for me.

As a medium, I’ve been content to do the work flying under the radar. I did that because I was afraid of being criticized, judged and condemned for what I do. While I was in Denver recently my friend and palm reader, Lawrence Woodson, said that with my book coming out in just a few weeks, I’ll know that I’ve reached a new milestone when certain people (whom I won’t name) start attacking me. He saw that as a good thing! After we talked about it for a few minutes, I realized he was right. What once was a fear, is now one of my goals.

Then I received a taste of it yesterday. I was hearing about how I was disappointing others, and not being what they wanted me to be. I was told I was being “verbally abusive” by one man, because I told him I refused to do the work the way he felt I should be doing it, which was his way. I found out a woman referred to me and what I do as an “abomination” before God.

I wasn’t so much bothered but bewildered as to why these things, and more, were happening all at once to me.  I now know that everything that happened yesterday was God’s, and the souls, way of telling me I’m on the right track to fulfilling my mission.

My point is that all too often we live our lives trying to defend ourselves from what we fear, rather than opening ourselves to what we love. Instead of asking for what we really want, we settle for what we think we can have; instead of exploring possibilities, we settle for expectations. Rather than living what speaks to our hearts, we live what has been told to us as to how we should live. I’ve heard over and over again from the souls that this isn’t how God intended for us to live.

Personally speaking, I’m opting out of that way of living any longer. I’m asking for the Rolls.

Wishing you the very best life has to offer,


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