Are you grieving the loss of someone you love to suicide?

Suicide is the skeleton in all of our closets. I’m writing this from the point of view of my experience as a medium, and the messages I’ve heard from the souls who took their own lives to their loved ones, not as a counselor or therapist (this is what’s known as a “disclaimer”).

It’s been my experience, working with those who have lost someone who died by their own hand, that they deal with feelings of failure, humiliation and even blame from friends and relatives. Survivors have told me that they blame themselves for not seeing any “warning signs.”

They come to me, as a medium, hoping to hear from their loved one the answer to the question,  Why?

The answer the souls give  is often that they simply didn’t have the strength any longer to continue in this life. Many of these precious souls have said, in sessions that I’ve had the privilege of discerning, that even though they functioned in a way that allowed them to get through the day “normally,” mental torture was typically a huge factor in their decision.

They’ve said that once they crossed over the threshold between this life and the next, they were able to see their problems for what they really were – opportunities to grow spiritually.  Their life review showed them that they did have alternative answers that they didn’t see, or even seemed possible, while they were still here, that would have helped them work through their issues.

I’m writing this primarily for those of you who are reading this article  hoping to find “permission” to take your own life, thinking it’s a solution to your problems. I want to make something very clear – I’ve never heard a soul that came through during a reading I was conducting say that this was an acceptable solution to the problems that we face here. They say that  they still have to learn on the Other Side what they didn’t learn here by cutting their lives short.

For those who are “suicide survivors,” they want to make it clear that they were not judged for what they did, nor are they condemned to “hell.” Quite the opposite, actually. They say that they’re taken to a place where they can reflect, and heal, from the anguish that they thought there was no way out of. During this time, and in this place, there is no one who confronts them. Their companions are small creatures such as birds, rabbits, kittens, and puppies, who are there to help the healing process by offering these souls their unconditional love.

Only when they are strong enough, do relatives, friends, and guides appear to help them understand and learn what they need to know to progress on their spiritual journey. Christ also appears, not as a judge, but more as a consoler, helping them through their hurt and confusion over what they’ve done.

God doesn’t make mistakes, but understands when we do. The souls have told me over, and over, that suicide is a mistake on the part of those who end their time here in this way. It’s a blunder they committed in their confusion. They take complete responsibility for what they’ve done and insist that there’s nothing for their loved ones, who are still here, to feel guilty about.

Finally, they want you to know that you will be reunited with them on the Other Side, when you have learned the lessons you’re here to learn, and not to see suicide as a way to speed up the reunion. Until then they will continue to be with you as your “guardian angel,” never abandoning you or leaving your side.  They will continue doing the best they can to help you understand that everything that happens in this life benefits you in the next. Even surviving the tragedy of their suicide.

I feel your peace.


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