"Are those who commit suicide pushed right back here?"

“Are those who commit suicide pushed right back here?”

Just going over one of two blogs that I posted and forgot about something in regards to poor mental health that leads to suicide. Are these soul’s path towards completing the learning process in the presence of loving beings on the other side different? Most psychics will mention that suicides result in getting pushed right back in to another body and forced to relive their soul path, and it’s supposed to be harder. Talk about two steps forward and one step back. Ever hear anything like this Anthony :-) ?


Hi Mike,

I’ve been told by the souls that we come here to learn lessons, and the plan is that we will return back home once we’ve learned those lessons … and taught the lessons we came here to teach. Having said that, no one has ever told me that they came here planning to return by their own hand.

When someone does this, what they’ve done is “drop out of school.” Just like here, dropping out may seem smart at the time, but it only makes things more difficult later.

For example, I know a woman who tried to commit suicide on three different occasions. After her third attempt she came to see me for spiritual coaching.

She was in a marriage in which she didn’t feel loveable. To top it off, her husband was mentally and emotionally abusing her. All of this led to her already low self esteem to be made lower.  She reached a point where she didn’t see a way out, and no way to go on.

No one who commits suicide wants to die. They want the pain they’re feeling to stop. It seemed to me that her life lesson was to find out why she was loved by God, and to be even more open to that love on the Other Side.

If she had been successful in any of her three attempts she would have returned to  the Other Side, still feeling not having learned why  she was so loved, which is what she came here to learn. Once there, she would have been surrounded by the unconditional love of the souls and the Eternal Light of Love, but unable to fully experience the bliss that exists there.

Are those who commit suicide “pushed right back in to another body?”

No. At least not according to the souls. Some have told me during readings that they’ll never come back here again. They don’t want to deal with the drama of life here, when they can continue their journey in the arms of God.

They say this knowing that it is much harder to learn these lessons there because there’s no one getting in their face, and they don’t have the issues to contend with that we do here. In other words, coming back doesn’t make the lessons harder … staying there does.

Why would that be? Because the trails and tribulations of this life are part of God’s plan, designed to help us learn the lessons we’re here to learn.

What lesson can possibly be learned by suffering from a mental illness here? Perhaps the lesson to be learned is not how to overcome that mental illness, but what can be learned about love while struggling with the issues that come with the  illness.

Mental illness might be a journey to learn how to be served, and teach others how to serve, with love.

My point is that the souls say that everything that happens to us, serves a purpose. Part of what we’re supposed to learn is what that purpose is, and not to give up before we do.

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