"Are my babies still babies in Heaven?"

“Are my babies still babies in Heaven?”

I have a question. I have thought about this for a long time ~ Are my twins still babies or do they grow in Heaven as here on earth ? They would be turning 3 years old Jan. 24. It’s one of my unanswered questions.



First of all, I want to say that I’m sorry about your loss and  reassure you that your children are safe and happy in the Heaven.

When a soul chooses to come here to earth, it does so with a specific lesson in mind. These lessons are designed not for our growth here, but our growth in the hereafter. When the lesson is finished, no matter what age we are, we “graduate” and return back home. Age is not something that’s taken into consideration  as to when we pass from this world into the next as far as the souls are concerned, because on the Other Side, there is no such thing as time.  

So the answer to your question is, “no,” your twin babies are not 3 years old in Heaven, but they are still your children, and you are still their mother. They have grown in the sense that they returned to the Eternal Light of Love having learned the lessons they came here to learn, and are now reaping the rewards for having done so.

Personally, I love doing readings in which children come through because of their purity of thought and energy. They are so “alive”  when they come through, and want so desperately to comfort their parents. They know how much their parents are suffering, so they want more than anything to make their parents feel better, and to let them know that they are still with them.

Please know that the same is true of your babies.