“Anthony, my open letter to you regarding, ‘Setting the Record Straight.'”

Anthony, This is my open letter to you. I know that you are aware that you help people. But, are you really and truly aware of how much your gift helps people to heal their broken hearts and open wounds?

Your gift offers some of us a chance to be forgiven or to forgive. Forgiveness is a huge factor in coming to term with our grief. This is something that no doctor regardless of their medical training or background can offer anyone. They can only heal the physical condition affecting the body. They can not heal the pain in our souls.

Your words come straight from the source that is causing our hearts to break/our souls to cry out in pain/our loneliness from having to live without them. To hear a love one or a special friend say they love us and are still with us is priceless. That is why the woman who made the stupid comment made me so angry she managed to get my Irish up, which for a woman with a Puerto Rican background is not a pretty picture. Get my drift!!

I can understand her grief making her say/do something stupid (been there and done that). Yet, I can not understand where was her attack was coming from. What was so wrong to suggest she write a book?

Where was the harm that she needed to attack you with the dumb profiting comment? You were truly a gentleman in your response to her comments.

Never forget that you can never please the world that is not your job. All you can do is continue to connect us with our loved ones and know in your heart and soul that what you are doing is priceless and many of us love you for it.

Blessings to you Anthony for connecting those in spirit with their loved ones left behind. Thank you for all you do for us, regardless of the ungrateful ones who can not see the opportunity you have presented them.

Keep the faith for you are loved and appreciated by many. Most important never ever lose your sense of humor, keep your funny face book posting coming. You not only connect people you make them laugh another priceless gift!

Your Friend,

Diana Rosado

 Dear Diana,
I don’t have the words that can express my gratitude to you. So, I’ll ask God to thank you for me.
Blessings my friend,