An Open Letter to Suicide Survivors and Anyone Thinking of Taking Their Own Life…

A young woman named Jazzy took her own life on Christmas Day, 2009. When she came through during a session I did for her family, she kept stressing that what she did was a mistake.

A few weeks later Jazzy woke me up at 3:30 a.m. insisting that I write a book for “my mom and everyone who is grieving.”

A year ago, November 9, 2012, my publisher, 4th Dimension Press and the Association for Research and Enlightenment, released my book “Communications from the Other Side: Death is Not the End of Life, Love, or Relationships,” the story of my journey from cynic to medium.

I woke up this morning at 3:30 and I began thinking about a session I did a few days ago for another mother whose son took his own life. During a session I will ask a number of questions to the soul coming through, one of them being, “How did you transition over?” During this particular session, I kept seeing a car accident, and hearing the word “accident.” So I assumed that the way this person crossed over was an “accidental death.”

“I don’t know why,” I told this mother, “but even though your son took his own life, I keep seeing my symbol for, and hearing the word, accident. I’m not sure that’s what he means though. There must a better word for what he wants me to say that I’m missing.” That’s when I heard, psychically, the word “mistake.” Not only that, but he refused to tell me details about how this “accident” happened – only that it was a “mistake” on his part.

So I’m laying in bed this morning trying desperately to go back to sleep but thinking about how when someone who took their own life would come through during a session  I’d feel extremely depressed. Over the past several months though, that hasn’t been the case. Not only that, but I’ve sensed a reluctance on the part of these souls to talk about how they ended their lives.

“Tell them it’s a mistake,” kept going through my head.

“Tell who it was a mistake?” I asked.

Then I was inspired to check my phone, which I did, and found a reply to a message I sent to a mother who wrote to me, “My son died of suicide, depressed, and addicted. What was his life review like? Was he instantly healed of those issues or does he have something to do before he finds peace? Is he OK now?”

She wrote, “How comforting to hear he is my guardian angel. Somehow you find the words to soothe like cool water to a parched throat.”

This is what I wrote to her –

First of all I want to thank you for having the courage to ask this question. Suicide is the skeleton in all of our closets. I’m going to answer your questions from the point of view of my experience as a medium, and the messages I’ve heard from the souls who took their own lives, not as a counselor or therapist (this is what’s known as a “disclaimer”).

Whenever I have a soul that crossed themselves over come through during a session, one of the first things they want to assure their loved ones of is that they are at peace and safely in the arms of God. Whatever torment they were going through that caused them to choose to end their lives here no longer exists for them. They’ve said that Eternal Light of Love understands that those who take their own life didn’t want to die as much as they wanted their pain to end.

These souls simply didn’t have the strength any longer to continue in this life. Many of these precious souls have said, in sessions that I’ve had the privilege of discerning them, that even though they functioned in a way that allowed them to get through the day “normally,” mental torture was a huge factor in their decision.

Your son was not judged for what he did, nor was he condemned to “hell”  by the Eternal Light of  Love. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Based on what the souls have said to me before, he would have been taken to a place where he can reflect, and heal from the anguish that he endured and thought there was no way out of. During this time, and in this place, there is no one to get in his face, so to speak. His companions during this period would be small creatures such as birds, rabbits, kittens, and puppies, cats and dogs, and other animals, which are there to help the healing process by offering souls such as your son unconditional love. Christ also appears, not as a judge, but as a consoler, helping him through his hurt and confusion over what he’s done.

Only when he is strong enough, will relatives, friends, and guides come to help him understand, and learn what he needs to know to continue on his spiritual journey.

God doesn’t make mistakes, but understands when we do. The souls have told me over, and over, that suicide is a mistake on the part of those who end their time here in this way. It’s a blunder they committed in their confusion. They take complete responsibility for what they’ve done and insist that there’s nothing for their loved ones, who are still here, to feel guilty about.

Finally, your son would want you to know that you will be reunited with him on the Other Side, when you’ve learned the lessons you’re here to learn, and not to see suicide as a way to speed up the reunion. Until then he will continue to be with you as your “guardian angel,” never abandoning you or leaving your side. He will continue doing the best he can to help you understand that everything that happens in this life benefits you in the next – even surviving the tragedy of his suicide.

That’s when Jazzy and a contingent of other souls made it clear to me that I’m supposed to write this to you. They want you to know that if you’re a survivor of this tragedy, what they did was a mistake.

If you’re thinking of doing taking your own life, please don’t. It would be a mistake to do so. Place your hand over your heart. Do you feel that? That’s called “purpose.” You’re here for a reason.

Question for Jazzy, Michael, Ron, and all the souls that woke me up this morning – “May I go back to sleep now?”