AMERICA PLEASE READ THIS POST: I was honored to have had a one on one conversation/reading with the well known & highly respected Psychic Medium, ANTHONY QUINATA.

41 years ago, my fiance’ was murdered at the young age of 23. My dear & precious Robert & I had dated since we met at the age of 12/13 & it was an off & on relationship, since I lived 4 hrs. by car from him & attended high school in the fall. Although, my summer vacation w/my dad ended each year, and I had to return home to continue my/our education until graduation, we knew we would be together as soon as graduation & we continue with our plans for our future. I graduated in 1964 & moved to South Texas, prior to this we continued with his surprise visits/phone calls & sending each other letters and cards to feel the void of missing each other. Was no such thing as email back then !
In 1966 I had my daughter. Robert was going to school in New York, and there was a void for sometime and after he tried to find me. My family told him he should move on with his life & forget me. Well, my family was never told to tell him this!

In July 1971, both Robert & I were in the process of moving to East Texas, not aware of where either of us were or what we were doing.

In 1972 my Robert was killed & I have carried a weight on my shoulders of pain, sadness, grief, and much to my surprise ANGER for 41 yrs. I blamed myself for not marrying him the MANY TIMES HE CAME & ASK ME TO MARRY HIM.

  • I met Anthony Quinata, and to make a long story short he made me realize….I wasn’t grieving, I was angry because Robert had died and we would never be together. I don’t really know how to express my thoughts to give Anthony the credit he is due, but he made me realize what a burden I had been carrying for 41 yrs. because I was never going to see Robert again until I met him in Heaven.
  • Anthony, put my situation into perspective nobody else had ever done, and he made me see things in a whole new light. ANTHONY made me feel CLEANSED, he was able to REMOVE THIS HEAVY WEIGHT of ANGER I had buried deep inside me. I GRIEVED/CRIED/WAS ANGRY/SAD. I talked to people online who had lost loved ones, but NOBODY OPENED MY EYES & my Heart as Anthony was able to do.

Let me say this….. I am a person who WILL LISTEN to other possibilities for the reason I might feel the way I do about something, and he was SPOT ON in how I was feeling. Even, as bad as I hate to admit it … he made me realize I was angry w/GOD.

YES, I love the LORD, GOD Almighty, and I know he sent his son JESUS CHRIST TO DIE FOR MY/OUR SINS so that we may have EVERLASTING LIFE IF WE ACCEPT HIM AS OUR PERSONAL SAVIOR AND I DO ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST as my SAVIOR, but a part of me had a hidden anger w/GOD for allowing Robert to die.

Anthony, made me realize, It HURT GOD MORE THAN ME, FOR A CHILD OF HIS TO BE MURDERED AS ROBERT WAS. In order to understand where I am coming from and where Anthony is coming from you must be a believer, & God has BLESSED ANTHONY with a gift many of us do not have and do not understand, but he is real.

I could ramble on and on, but if anyone here in the[internet] who is battling with /grief/anger/sadness….many titles we label the loss of a loved on……I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TALK TO ANTHONY. I have laughed, I have smiled, I have NOT CRIED in a week. I feel like I had air fill my lungs and I can breathe again.

Oddly, I feel a closer relationship/understanding with GOD than I had before talking w/Anthony. I thought I had it all RIGHT. Well, I didn’t. I had not looked at the avenue’s/direction in which Anthony showed me.

Anthony Quinata, is real. He is sincere, compassionate, caring & most def. in touch w/the other side. I thank GOD for placing Anthony in my life at a time I needed him more now than a few weeks ago when we tried to make contact & couldn’t.

GOD knows I love him & I believe & trust him with all my heart, BUT sometimes we need intercessors to help us have a better understanding of things that happen in our lives. I truly believe with GOD’s help Anthony came to me at this time in my life because GOD knew I needed Anthony now….not 3 or 4 weeks ago, but now.

I have never felt so free….like I could fly like an Angel….breath like a fish under water…….I can’t think of the many positive words to express my respect/belief/how much I honor Anthony Quinata. He change my life. He made me feel human again ….whole.

This old body of mine needed this cleansing now, not before not later, but now, because we are facing concerns about my daughters health & I wasn’t able to focus on her as I should as her mother, but Praise GOD because of Anthony Quinata….I can now!

Prayers & Blessings to a wonderful man who I truly believe GOD sent to me & I am forever grateful. Thank You Anthony….you are a compassionate and patient man with people like me.

Anthony, truly cares!

Sharon Cole McCarthy

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