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Several years ago a couple of friends of mine were having a discussion when I interrupted them. “Excuse me,” I said, “I couldn’t help but overhear what you two were talking about because … well … I was eavesdropping.”

For the past several years I guess you could say that I’ve been a “professional eavesdropper.” I’m a psychic medium and I’ve had the honor and priviledge of listening into to the “conversations” between souls on the Other Side and the loved ones they’ve left behind. What I’ve heard is often breath taking. They are messages of love, healing, and hope; that death is not the end of life, love, or the relationship we had with those we loved, and who loved us.

I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of blogging about the readings I’ve done because I felt that they were meant to be private and confidential. This morning however, the souls made it very clear to me that the messages they bring are not meant to be heard just by me and the families who have booked an appointment with me, but by you, as well. These messages are for everyone to hear. I’m actually a very private person but, again, God, and the souls, have made it very clear to me that I need to put that aside and to see, and be a part of, the much bigger vision they have for me. Which is why I’m resurrecting [no pun intended] my website, and blog, again.

What I won’t be doing is giving you a word by word account of a reading, but the lessons I’ve learned and am continuing to learn as I do this work. I’ll talk about my life, and how I’m doing the best I can to apply these lessons to my own life. Talk about stepping out of my comfort zone!

I’ll be posting every Monday and Thursday, but don’t be surprised if there are posts in between as well. I welcome your comments, thoughts, and feedback to each and every post you see.





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  1. LaDora Wilkins Erickson
    LaDora Wilkins Erickson at · Reply

    I lost my son in July 2012. Someone on facebook told me to look you up. I was just wondering why I needed this “experience” to go thru? I am going to bookmark you and look on amazon.com for reading materials from you. Thanks

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