A grieving mother honors her child this holiday seaon.

A grieving mother honors her child this holiday seaon.

I’d like to share with you a post written by Sandra Hall on my Facebook wall.  “I racked my brains out, and have decided, to bring some joy this yr, seeing that my son will not be here to open his gifts, i’m going to buy, pick a family WHO i think is in need, and give the gifts to them in my son’s memory. great way to help someone, also a great memory of my son! I know in my heart this is what he would want me to do. after all this yr is going to be hard for many families! And god has blessed my family! allowing my husband to work. It’s not all about getting, it’s also about making a family happy, and allowing them to share in the joy of christmas!!!”


This is the comment I posted in response –

I’m constantly telling people who have lost someone that there are lessons to be learned in their journey through grief. What I love is that you have learned a few of them.

1. Grief is another way of saying, “I love you.”
2. You’re sharing the joy and love your son brought to your lives by bringing joy and love to the life of someone else.
3. You’re teaching others to do the same.

You will see your son again in a place of joy and peace, and when you do, it’ll be as though not a single moment has passed since the last time you saw him. I promise.


Thank you Sandra for allowing me to share this; like you, I’m hoping it will inspire others who are grieving to do the same!



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