A "dim reflection" of what awaits us on the Other Side.

A “dim reflection” of what awaits us on the Other Side.

Hi Anthony!

Now that I’ve had time to digest your response, I’d like to clearly understand your response, please bear w/me as I delve further into better understanding both You & Robert, yes.

Anthony, you wrote, “we take on “roles” so to speak, and design the circumstances that we believe will be the most beneficial to help us learn these lessons.” Does this mean that BEFORE we leave Our Home to come to physical world we have FULL knowledge of all the twists & turns as the pitfalls of our life here in physical world? Based on that alone, aren’t “we” designing heartache into another’s life as “we” design our own physical life circumstances? How does bringing unfathomable heartache into another’s life help yet another learn lessons in love? Further, am I to understand from this that “I” may very well have designed my own excruciating heartache to learn about love?

“Robert” & I loved one another before in another life, how is it we’ve not learned our love lesson by now? Will “Robert” & I ever get our timing right so we can experience & enjoy Our Love in the physical world again or are we just meant to “be off” in our timing as part of our life’s love lesson? I’m having quite a time understanding all this Anthony, really I am.

Did “Robert” happen to mention I’m a very inquisitive person, that I seemed to have been born with a question mark on my lips? (chuckling) Often I wish I could “hear” “Robert” as you do or even sense him, it would be comforting to be honest. Anthony, this gift you have been given must sometimes be a bit overwhelming now n’ again yes.

I’ve many more questions but for now I should probably just leave it with these. BTW Anthony, I wonder has “Robert” told you my real name? I often use my nickname for privacy reasons

Blessed be Anthony
“Cookie” ; – )


Dear Cookie,

What if I told you that the love I’m speaking about is not between you and Robert?

What if I told you that according to the souls the love you and Robert shared is a dim reflection of a much greater love?

What if I told you that the ache you’re feeling is the same desire that made you decide to come here to begin with?

What if I told you that the lessons of love you’re here to learn have nothing to do with Robert, but with the Eternal Light of Love or “God”?

Does that help?

I know I’m answering your questions with questions, but it was what I was told to do.

The souls say that there are questions we aren’t meant to have answers to until we cross over, and go through our life review, when all of our questions will be answered.

The souls also say that, yes, we design the circumstances we feel will help us learn the lessons that will remove our sense of separation from God, but we can’t know all of the twists and turns that we’ll experience during our life on this physical plane.

If we did, what would be the point?

How could we possibly learn anything?

I have heard souls say that they have no interest whatsoever in coming here because it’s simply too hard. They’d rather learn the lessons they’re supposed to learn in a place of peace, joy, and love. They also acknowledge that it takes longer to learn these lesson because there’s nothing like what you’re experiencing right now on the Other Side.

The lessons I’m speaking of  have to do with bringing us to a deeper relationship with the Eternal Light of Love. The pain you’re feeling is not so much for Robert, but God. That’s why you designed the life you did – falling in love with Robert, knowing that one day he would return home before you, and that the ache you’re feeling is to remind you of why you came here to begin with,  your intense desire to be in deeper communion, not with Robert, but with God.